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Resumes and applications

Most job applications consist of a cover letter and resume; larger organisations may also request an online application form. Public sector positions routinely require a separate document specifically addressing selection criteria.

It’s vitally important that you provide all the documentation an employer requests. 

Whatever the role, you’ll need to do your research to identify what employers are looking for and be able to provide specific evidence of the relevant skills demanded.

To increase your confidence in resume writing and get advice prior to a resume review, you may also register for a Back to Basics - Resume Writing Workshop during semester on CareerHub via Events or call us on 9514 1471 for the details of the next workshop.

When you have reviewed the Resume Writing Toolkit and applied the information on writing an effective resume and cover letter you can bring it to a Drop-in to have it reviewed.

Alumni, please visit our Alumni Career Services website for details of services available to you.