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Career Consultations

Visit the Careers Service (CB01.04.13) Monday – Friday between 10am - 4pm for a 15 minute Drop-in.

If you require further assistance, we can then schedule a more in-depth Career Consultation for you with one of our Career Consultants (at the discretion of the Recruitment Advisor). Due to the high demand, we ask you to please let us know at least 1 hour in advance if you can no longer attend your appointment. 

  • Prospective students: eligible for 1 free Career Consultation regarding general career direction to assist with decision making for course choice to study at UTS
  • Current students: Career Consultations are available free of charge throughout your studies
  • Alumni

Our experienced Career Consultants offer current students a range of specific services to assist you, such as:

  • Career Assessment tools
  • Job Searching tips and strategies
  • Resume & Cover Letter writing
  • LinkedIn profile assistance
  • Interview preparation
  • General career & recruitment related queries

We can help you with a number of career-related questions, including:

  • What are employers looking for?
  • What sort of work am I suited to?
  • How can I best market myself to employers?
  • Am I doing the right course?
  • What might I end up doing after my course?
  • What can I be doing now to develop my career?
  • How do I make the best impression in an interview?

We look forward to seeing you!  Alternatively, please contact us with any questions you may have.

Case Studies

The following case studies are examples of how our Career Consultants have helped students:

Case One: Hue

Hue came to see a Career Consultant after sending over 100 job applications and attending a dozen interviews. He was starting to question his ability to crack that graduate job. After carefully evaluating his strengths and aptitudes, Hue rewrote his resume to better illustrate what he had to offer an employer.
After discussing his interview technique with the Career Consultant, Hue realised that he could have given more detailed responses to many questions, as well as preparing targeted questions of his own. He left the careers consultation session feeling sure of the preparation needed for a successful job seeking strategy.

Case Two: Naomi

Naomi was coming to the end of her studies but was not intending to pursue a career directly related to her discipline. After exploration of her interests, skills and personality characteristics with the Career Consultant, Naomi saw that she could use her strong interpersonal and analytical abilities to apply for an initial role based on her discipline, but one which would allow her to develop towards opportunities in the human resources area. Naomi also decided she would begin to research relevant postgraduate studies that would help her attain her goals.

Case Three: Lee

Lee was a mature-age graduate with a double degree who had not been successful in gaining a position in the industry of his choice. After using the career consultation session to consider his contacts, he began a process of informational interviewing with employers to expand his understanding of the options available to him. One of these led to him learning of an upcoming position. Lee applied and was hired.

Case Four: Sarina

Sarina came in to see a Career Consultant after realising that she had not been able to identify an appropriate career area while studying for her course. After some initial exploration, she decided that she would like to have a session on Career Builder, a computer program that can help UTS students identify their career options.
Sarina completed the program, before making an appointment to return and discuss the results. Her second consultation appointment revealed that she was most interested in a career in counselling or social work. Sarina left with the intention of investigating work experience and part-time courses in these areas.