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BUiLD program

Travel grants and loans

Although not compulsory, you are encouraged to undertake some of your elective activities overseas. International experience is a very important part of your development as a future leader and assists you to gain a global perspective on your degree studies, career prospects and passions, helping you to shape and define your own future.

BUiLD travel scholarships

Approved international activities may be supported by a BUiLD Travel scholarship. BUiLD Travel Scholarship fall into two categories:

  • BUiLD Abroad Program Scholarships
  • Independent Travel Scholarships (for opportunities you have researched and sought out, otherwise known as BUiLD Independent programs)


  • Travel should take place out of semester, during non-teaching periods.
  • To be eligible for BUiLD Travel Scholarships you must attend all BUiLD pre-departure and post-program information and briefing sessions.
  • If you are a postgraduate student, you may participate in BUiLD overseas programs on a self-funded basis or apply for financial assistance through other avenues.
  • You can only be awarded one UTS:BUiLD travel scholarship per year. If you are attending a UTS Global Exchange program or undertaking your In-country study component of your combined degree in International Studies, you are not eligible to apply for a BUiLD travel¬†scholarship.

OS-HELP loan

OS-HELP is a Commonwealth Government-funded loan scheme that assists eligible students to undertake some of their Australian course of study overseas. Students may receive one loan per six-month study period for one or two overseas study periods.

View the full terms and conditions for OS-HELP loans.

If you are interested in applying for an OS-HELP Loan, please contact the BUiLD team.