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BUiLD program


To complete the BUiLD program you simply have to earn 100 CLiCs (points). You can obtain these CLiCs by choosing from a range of activities. The only restriction is that 40 CLiCs must be from core activities; the remaining 60 CLiCs are earned by undertaking elective activities. You will also be required to submit a reflective statement no less than 500 words.

Core activities

Core activities are events and activities organised by BUiLD. They are usually hosted on campus or at a nearby location. They include:

  • speaking engagements from industry, non-profit organisations and government
  • workshops
  • networking events

Core activities run throughout each semester. You will be awarded between five and 20 CLiCs for each activity you participate in.

Elective activities

Elective activities are events, activities and programs that you choose and organise. Elective activities can include:  

  • volunteering with a not-for-profit organisation
  • completing an internship in Australia or overseas
  • attending a short course at an overseas university
  • attending a conference in Australia or overseas
  • participating in a student exchange program
  • acting on a board of a university club 

Although not compulsory, we encourage you to undertake some of your elective activities overseas. In some cases, BUiLD can provide travel grants to facilitate your travel.

BUiLD overseas activities need to be pre-approved. If you wish to travel overseas for some of your elective activities you must inform BUiLD before you go.

Download the reference table (PDF, 191kB) to view the list of elective activities and the number of CLiCs each activity is worth.

Recording CLiCs

You will need to keep a record of all the activities you participate in. Keep note of the name, date and details of activities such as topics, speakers, hours, etc., as well as the number of CLiCs each activity is worth. We recommend that you use the recording CLiCs template (XLSX, 14.6kB) to keep this record.

Once you have earned 100 CLiCs and written your reflection statement, you can complete the online CLiCs submission form. If you have collected the 100 CLiCs early in your degree, please refrain from completing the CLiCs submission form until closer to the end of your UTS degree.

Note: the BUiLD team conducts random audits on elective activities. You may be asked to provide proof of your involvement in activities or programs.

Completing the BUiLD program

Once it has been verified that you have collected 100 CLiCs and have submitted the online submission form, you will be presented with your BUiLD certificate in the BUiLD annual award ceremony in December.

Upon graduating from UTS, the BUiLD program will also appear as a special achievement on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

In order for this to appear on your AHEGS: