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BUiLD program

BUiLD Abroad

Each university session break, the BUiLD team offers exciting, short-term overseas programs to students participating in the BUiLD program. The programs, which BUiLD organises in collaboration with its overseas partners, range from summer schools and experiential learning programs, to conferences and volunteering opportunities.

For a snapshot of the programs on offer during the past few semesters, visit the BUiLD Abroad Blog (opens an external site).

How to apply

Read the information on the program you are interested in, then click the ‘Apply now’ link to complete the BUiLD online application.

Selection process

Applicants are ranked on the merit of their application statement and will be notified of the outcome of their application 14 days after the closing date. 

Travel Scholarships

BUiLD also offers Travel Scholarships for BUiLD Abroad Programs for eligible students. If you are eligible, simply apply for the BUiLD Abroad program you want to join and then apply for a Travel Scholarship.

Note: Students who are not eligible for a grant may still apply to go on a BUiLD Abroad program and have the option to explore other avenues to fund their trip.

If you are looking for further funding to assist you to cover the financial costs of a BUiLD Abroad program, you may be eligible to apply for OS-HELP. If you are interested in applying for OS-HELP, please read the information on the OS-HELP website (opens an external site) and then contact the BUiLD team.

Travel insurance

UTS provides free comprehensive travel insurance for all UTS students travelling on a short-term overseas program. UTS Travel insurance is provided for the duration of the program, and an additional 3 days before and 3 days after the program.

Going on BUiLD as part of a July International Elective

Some BUiLD programs are components of the July International Electives – International Internship 97901 (6cp) or 97900 (8cp); In-country Contemporary Society Study 977917 (6cp) or 977912 (8cp); In-country Language and Culture Study 977918 (6cp) or 977913 (8cp).  If you have electives, you can enrol in one of these subjects, complete a BUiLD program (and undertake some additional coursework and assessment tasks) and receive credit towards your degree!

For more information, please refer to this PDF (245kB). If the BUiLD program you wish to register for is not a component of one of the July International Electives, or you don't have electives in your study plan but still want to explore receiving academic credit, please contact the BUiLD Team.