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New learning environments

How you’ll learn

Gone are the days of sitting passively in lectures, copying notes from a board, which you then memorise in order to reproduce in exams.

At UTS you will engage in activities designed to help you develop the knowledge, skills and attributes required to become a professional in your chosen area. You can expect to gain these by undertaking both online and face-to-face learning activities that will require individual work as well as working with others.

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New learning spaces

The new UTS campus has been purpose built to facilitate these new approaches to learning. All over the campus you will find spaces designed for you to work with others on team projects, large theatres designed for you to listen to guest presenters as well as to carry out groupwork. You’ll also find quiet spaces for those times when you need to work alone.

Learning approaches

We want to ensure that when you come on to campus you have the highest quality learning experience possible. At UTS you can expect to participate in authentic learning activities such as team-based projects, simulations, solving real-world problems using critical thinking approaches. As far as possible, those learning activities such as watching lectures or reading articles and books that don't require you to come to campus, are available online.

Getting a great job

UTS has a reputation for producing highly employable graduates and we want to keep it that way. That is why we have designed a specific kind of campus and authentic learning activities that enables you to develop the skills we know employers value

What employers want

We pay a lot of attention to employers’ feedback on the kinds of graduates they value. We know that although academic results are important, they also place a very high value on communication and teamwork skills. That is why we place a particular focus on helping students develop these skills and attributes, as well as the discipline-specific knowledge.