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Using UTS systems

UTS student account

As an enrolled UTS student, you receive a UTS Student ID number linked with a UTS e-mail address. This will be your account from the day you enrol until the day you graduate from UTS.  It provides you easy access to various UTS systems that will assist you throughout your studies.

Your UTS Student Account and e-mail gives you:

  • broadcast e-mails about what’s happening at UTS
  • access to all General Access Computing facilities at UTS (this does not include faculty specific computing labs).
  • access to the UTS wireless network (UTS-WPA)
  • UTS Library catalogues, services and remote access to databases you need for your studies
  • access to UTSOnline for the subjects that are using UTSOnline
  • access to the UTS ServiceConnect system to submit IT requests
  • access to Virtual Lab
  • access to MyStudentAdmin and other online administrative tools

Account activation

Your UTS Student Account is created after you have enrolled.  You must then activate your account.

To activate your account you will need to:

  1. Go to the UTS:My Account website
  2. Enter your Student Identification (Student ID) number
  3. Enter the required personal details
  4. Enter your birth date according to the format in the example: dd/mm/yy (any other date format will result in an error)
  5. Read and understand the applicable UTS e-mail policies and guidelines and tick the four boxes listed (by activating your account you agree to abide by all UTS policies and rules especially pertaining to the Acceptable Use Policy. Breaches of policies and guidelines may lead to locking of student accounts, disciplinary action and initiation of legal process or expulsion).
  6. Set up three (3) Security Questions – you will need to ensure that you remember the answers to these questions as these will be used to verify your identification in future
  7. Create a Password – Your password must be 8 to 16 characters long, and can only contain letters, numbers and symbols but MUST CONTAIN AT LEAST ONE OF EACH. Spaces are not allowed. Do not use your UTS ID number. Do not use your previous password.
  8. If you have set up your password correctly, you will see a confirmation that your account has been activated and you will see your e-mail address


Tips to assist you with setting your security questions 

  • Answers to your three questions can be numbers or letters but not symbols (for example do not use %$#*). Each question must be unique. Answers cannot be more than 40 characters but may consist of more than one word.
  • Only you should know the answers to your security questions. Anyone who is able to answer one of your security questions correctly may be able to use your UTS Access Account, which includes email and enrolment functions.
  • Please select your security questions wisely and make sure they are easily remembered. Not remembering your answers will cause delays when asking for help with any password problems that might arise. If you forget the answers to your security questions you may be required to provide photo identification at one of the IT Support Centres in order to have your password reset.

The IT Support Centre is available to help you if you have any problems.