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Important dates


The 2017 Timetable is now available so re-acquaint yourself with your study plan and start choosing your core and elective subjects. 
Please re-enrol now for subjects on offer in Autumn, Spring and Summer (2017/2018) sessions. 

Continuing enrolment dates

Find your enrolment day below:
DayFacultyStudent type
Mon 17 Oct 2016 

Business combined
with International Studies
and Business combined
with Creative Intelligence
and Innovation

Tue 18 Oct 2016
Combined DegreesUndergraduate
 Graduate School of HealthPostgraduate
Wed 19 Oct 2016
Thu 20 Oct 2016
Fri 21 Oct 2016
 Other courses All
You will not have access to enrol earlier than the dates listed above.
You must enrol in the full program for both Autumn and Spring sessions in 2017.  To avoid missing out on your preferred subjects, you must enrol during the re-enrolment period of 17 October 2016 to 17 January 2017. 
Even if you are unsure about work commitments or travelling overseas, we recommend you enrol as early as possible. If your circumstances change you can always make changes to your enrolment later. 
If for some reason you are prevented from enrolling due to a sanction, you can find more information about your sanction online.
If as above, it is your day to enrol, you can do so by logging into My Student Admin

Please note that some Mac, iPhone and iPad users have reported difficulty enrolling depending on the operating system that they are running or the browser that they are using. If you are having difficulty enrolling on one of these devices, please try switching browsers or devices. If you are still having difficulty, please contact UTS.

Students requesting enrolment into another Faculty’s subjects as electives

1. Students from Connected Intelligence Centre and Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation are not subject to these cross-faculty enrolment restrictions and may apply for cross faculty electives at any time. 
2. Subjects from School of Communication are not available for cross-faculty electives. 

If you wish to enrol in a subject offered by another Faculty, you can apply via eRequest from the following dates:

Autumn 2017

23 January 2017

International Studies
15 February 2017

Graduate School of Health

7 March 2017Business and Law

Spring 2017

17 July 2017

Business and Law






Summer 2017

6 November 2017All available subjects


You can find more information about managing your enrolment on the enrolment pages.

Late enrolment fee

Continuing students who do not enrol before 28 February 2017 will be charged a late enrolment fee of $150 upon enrolment. 

Appealing a late enrolment fee

An appeal against a late enrolment fee may be granted for the following reasons:

  • Pending eRequest - that was submitted during the re-enrolment period. 
  • Cross-faculty elective subject(s) only - not open for enrolment until after the advertised enrolment period. Letter/confirmation from Faculty must be provided.
  • Industrial experience/internship subject(s) only - enrolment subject to Faculty approval process.
  • Rescinding leave of absence - if you have an approved leave of absence for Autumn 2017 and have rescinded this after the advertised re-enrolment period.
  • Special circumstance beyond your control, for example, illness. Specify the circumstances affecting your enrolment on a separate page. Independent supporting documentation must be provided.

Failure to be aware of the requirement to enrol by the end of the enrolment period is not considered to be a sufficient reason to appeal your liability to pay the late enrolment fee.

Appeal your late enrolment fee form

Late enrolment fee and internal course transfer application

If you have applied for an internal course transfer (ICT), you should still enrol in at least one subject before 17 January 2017. If your application for ICT is successful, you can then vary your enrolment once you have been admitted into your new course.

Student questions

My faculty has permitted me to enrol in the subject and added it to my study plan, but I still can't enrol in the subject?

While your faculty may approve a subject from another faculty and add it to your study plan, they do not have the final say on whether you can enrol in that subject. If you cannot enrol in an elective from another faculty even though that subject is on your study plan, you should contact the student centre that looks after that particular subject, or submit an eRequest, asking that the owning faculty permit you to enrol.

Please ensure you check application dates, to ensure you submit your eRequest at the appropriate time.