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International ceremonies

Each year, UTS hosts a number of international graduation ceremonies in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

UTS graduates who are eligible to attend international ceremonies will be contacted via their UTS webmail account with information about the ceremony date, academic dress, photography, tickets and payment of ceremony fees.
If you are eligible, and hope to attend an international ceremony, please keep your contact details up-to-date on My Student Admin.
UTS holds international graduation ceremonies in: 
  • Hong Kong
  • Shanghai

Registering to attend an international (overseas) ceremony only

To register your attendance and receive your testamur at an overseas graduation ceremony:

  • login to My Student Admin and select the "Graduation Registration" tab on the top right of the tabs.
  • you then have the option to update the pronunciation of your name or you can skip this step
  • ensure your contact details are completely up to date
  • select the name of the degree that you have completed
  • select the option "Graduate Overseas"
  • submit an "Expression of interest" by clicking on the link in My Student Admin at the bottom of the graduation registration page. You will have the option of attending a ceremony in Hong Kong or Shanghai. You must choose only one location.
  • No payment of ceremony fee is required at this stage. You will receive an email in May/June about online registration and payment to attend a ceremony overseas.

Alternatively, if you wish to receive your testamurtranscript and AHEGS before you attend your graduation ceremony overseas, select "Not Attend - Mail-out" or "Not Attend - Collect". Proceed to pay for the postage charge (if applicable).

Secondly, you should submit an "Expression of Interest" form by clicking on the link in My Student Admin at the bottom of the graduation registration page. You must choose only one location (Hong Kong or Shanghai).

Registering for a local and international ceremony

If you are an International student, you can attend both a local ceremony and international ceremony overseas. You will need to register online for both the local and international ceremony. 

To register for both, select "Attend", to register to attend a Sydney ceremony, and follow the prompts until the registration and payment process is complete. Upon completion of registering to attend and paying the ceremony fee, return to the registration screen to "Submit an Expression of Interest to attend an International Ceremony (International students only)"

Graduates who elect to attend both a local and international ceremony will receive their testamurtranscript and AHEGS at the Sydney ceremony. When you attend your overseas graduation ceremony, you will be presented with a congratulatory letter. The letter is printed on the same-sized testamur paper and inserted into the same-sized plastic sleeve.

You will be notified to register and pay your overseas ceremony fee between May and June 2016 so please check your UTS webmail account to ensure you are in receipt of the communications.

Student Questions

Am I eligible to attend an international (overseas) ceremony if I am a local student?

Generally no, however if you have extenuating circumstances which result in you wanting to attend an international ceremony, you can make a formal request in writing. To do this email graduations@uts.edu.au, and include your full name, ID number, course name, and contact details (phone and email address), as well as details of the extenuating circumstances.