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Graduation documents

Coursework students who graduate with a Masters, Graduate Diploma, or Bachelor's degree will receive their testamur, transcript and AHEGS at their graduation ceremony.

Students who do not plan to attend their graduation ceremony can elect to collect their documentation or request for a mail out.

Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates are not presented at University graduation ceremonies, however some faculties conduct Graduate Certificate presentation ceremonies.

If your faculty is conducting a ceremony, an invitation to this event will be sent to your preferred mailing address after your award has been conferred.

However, for the majority of students, there are two simple ways that you can obtain your Graduate Certificate.

You can collect your certificate from the Building 10 Student Centre.

If you wish to receive your certificate via post, please:

Please note that if you request to have your documents mailed overseas, you must supply a valid overseas contact phone number in order to ensure the dispatch of your documents.


To be eligible to receive your testamur you are required to:

To check if you have any outstanding debts or fines, use 'Generate my Invoice', located in the 'My Invoice' section of My Student Admin.

You should also:

Your formal name will appear on your testamur, academic record and AHEGS. You can see your formal name displayed in the 'Personal Details' section of My Student Admin.

Your can see your preferred mailing address in the 'Contact Details' subsection of 'Personal Details' in My Student Admin.

Awards and graduation rules

Rules governing awards and graduation are in Section 13: Awards and Graduation of the University's Student and Related Rules.

Faculties are responsible for a student's academic progression. If you have any enquiries about your academic progression you should contact your Student Centre.