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Academic dress and history

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Graduation ceremonies are a formal celebration and graduands are encouraged to dress appropriately.

If you choose to graduate in person, you must wear the correct academic regalia for your course at your graduation ceremony.

When you register for your graduation ceremony, you are charged a fee of $126. This fee includes your academic dress hire.

You will be fitted for your hood and gown on the day of your ceremony. You will first register at the Graduation desk, and then head to the gowning room. All students are fitted on the day and no pre-fitting is necessary as we hold a variety of sizes in stock.

You must return your academic dress to the gowning room within one hour of the completion of your graduation ceremony.

Our academic dress hire and purchase services are closed during the following periods:
  • 15 December to 15 January 
  • three weeks before and after graduation ceremonies, and
  • during graduation ceremonies.
Contact the Graduations team for information and prices.

Student questions

I have my own academic gown, do I need to pay for the full ceremony fee?

Yes, all students must initially pay the full ceremony fee of $126. If the student already owns a full academic dress (ie. gown, hood and trencher), they then need to notify Graduations by email. The ceremony fee is discounted and in this case, will become $63. A refund of the difference will be issued after the graduation ceremony period.

I own part of my academic gown, am I eligible for a discount of the ceremony fee?

Only those who own the full academic dress are eligible for a discount of the ceremony fee.

How can I purchase a full academic dress instead of hiring?

Graduates should email graduations@uts.edu.au with their request no later than four weeks prior to the start of the graduation ceremony period. Purchased academic dress will be ready and made available on the day of the graduation. No sales can be facilitated after this date.

Can I keep my gown overnight or longer than the duration of my ceremony?

There are no overnight gown hires during graduation periods as all gowns are required for current graduates. Graduates must return their gowns immediately after their ceremony or risk being charged the non-return penalty fee.

Can I hire or purchase a full academic dress if I have not yet completed my course?

Only those whose awards have been conferred graduates of the university are entitled to wear the academic dress, appropriate to the level of award obtained. The Registrar (or nominee) may approve the use of the University's academic dress by those yet to have their awards conferred only at appropriate formal occasions or other official University events, such as the International Farewell Ceremony. 

Student and related rules: