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Grading schema for coursework subjects

If you are studying a coursework degree at UTS, you will receive a grade for each subject that you complete.

In most situations you will also receive a progressive grade point average (GPA) indicating your overall performance in a course.

Subject grades

For each coursework subject you complete you are awarded one of the following grades:

  • High Distinction

Mark range: 85-100%
Work of outstanding quality on all objectives of the subject.

  • Distinction

Mark range: 75-84%
Work of superior quality on all objectives of the subject.

  • Credit

Mark range: 65-74%

Work of good quality showing more than satisfactory achievement on all objectives of the subject.

  • Pass

Mark range: 50-64%
Work showing a satisfactory achievement on all objectives of the subject.

  • Fail (X)

Mark range: 50% or more
Unsatisfactory performance in a compulsory component.

  • Fail

Mark range: 0-49%
Work showing an unsatisfactory achievement on one or more objectives of the subject.

  • W - Withheld

Result withheld.

  • Q - Results Pending

Awaiting the completion of a project, clinical practice or final exam.

Some subjects are ungraded, in these cases only a Pass or Fail grade is awarded.

Student and related rules:
Schedule 2 - Results and Grades

Grade point average (GPA)

A grade point average (GPA) is a progressive measure of academic achievement over the duration of enrolment in a course. It provides an overview of your performance in a course and is an internationally recognised measure of student performance.

GPA is only applicable to coursework awards that commenced from Autumn semester 2003 onwards. It is not applicable to research degrees.

Your GPA is calculated  based on your subject grade and credit points using a pre-set weighting for each grade for all courses commenced from autumn semester 2003. In most case your GPA is calculated automatically at the end of each semester.

Your GPA will be included on your:

If you would like a detailed breakdown of that calculation contact your UTS Student Centre .

Further information about your GPA is available, on:

Graduates and other past students

If you commenced your course from autumn semester 2003 onwards, and have completed the requirements of the course, you will have a GPA calculated for your course of study.

Access to your grade point average (GPA)

Within UTS

Your grade point average (GPA) is recorded as part of your academic record information on the UTS student system.  Authorised UTS staff have confidential access to your academic record information.

Outside UTS

UTS will only release your GPA outside of UTS if:

You apply to another tertiary institution through the Universities Admission Centre (UAC) and you indicate previous studies at UTS

Your application through UAC authorises UAC to collect results (including GPA) from UTS

You authorise UTS to do so on your behalf.

Multiple UTS courses grade point average (GPA)

If you have studied in multiple UTS courses you will have a unique grade point average (GPA) for each course, provided that each course began from Autumn semester 2003 onwards.