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Current students information - Communication

Film, video and audio production resources

These forms and documents are available for a current student who is planning to do or doing film, video and audio production (i.e. media arts production or journalism student who is doing film production for final project).

Security access

Communication specialist labs and facilities are current Student/Staff Card access only. Student Card access changes each session according to subject enrolment. You must not give your student card to anyone to gain access to these restricted facilities.

Building 3 access is from 8am to 12 midnight 7 days. After the mid-session break access is extended to 3am until the end of session. You must carry your UTS Student ID card at all times and present it to UTS Security when requested.

Project approval forms

All safety checklist and procedures components refer to the Occupational Risk Management in the Australian Film and Television Industry. (PDF, 1.02MB)

Undergraduate students must complete and submit one of the below subject-specific Project Approval Forms to their class lecturer/tutor for approval.

Postgraduate students must complete and submit the Postgraduate student project approval form (PDF, 142kB)

All students must then complete the following forms and submit to their class lecturer/tutor for approval of each proposed project.

All students are required to use the equipment booking system prior to their productions.

Working with children

Students must obtain specific approval from their academic supervisor to engage volunteers under 18 years of age. Approval is conditional on the student meeting the NSW Government Office of the Children’s Guardian prerequisites for working with children (under 18 years of age) and employing children (under 15 years of age);

  1. Undergo a Working with Children Check.
  2. Obtain an Authority to Employ Children.
  3. Submit a Pre-employment Notification.
For further information go to kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au/working-with-children

Student travel forms

Travel approval form (PDF, 1.1MB)
Form may not open in Mac OS X browsers (to use this form, save to your computer then open)

This form must be completed by all students and their appropriate supervisor for all travel greater than 50 km (one way) from UTS. See the Travel Guidelines and FAQs page for more information.

Access to MediaLab production equipment and facilities

For general information go to MediaLab.

Undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students are given access to various MediaLab equipment and facilities to enable students to complete assessment items depending on which subjects they are currently studying.

For certain subjects and Higher Degree Research student access is requested via the following forms.


  • 55994 Honours Project
  • 51984 Master of Arts Thesis
  • 51985 Master of Creative Arts Thesis
  • 51991 PhD Thesis: Humanities and Social Sciences
  • 51992 Doctoral Project

Application for Access to MediaLab Resources (PDF, 107kB)


  • 57194 Journalism Major Project

Journalism Application for Access to FASS MediaLab Resources (PDF, 114kB)

FASS defines access to equipment and facilities not allocated to a subject, access outside of session, or to undertake work that is not required for an assessment task for a subject or HDR project as “exceptional” access.

Due to the demand for resources, and the requirement to allocate resources equitably to all students, exceptional access is generally not permitted in the above cases. Specifically, access will not be granted for commercial or festival projects, re-working of portfolios or job applications, work undertaken at other academic institutions, or for work associated with a voluntary work placement (that is, not a compulsory component of a FASS subject).

If you believe that you have a genuine case to access MediaLab resources, you should discuss your request with your Subject Coordinator. Then fill out the following form and submit the form to your Subject Coordinator. If your Subject Coordinator supports the application it will be forwarded to Faculty Administration for consideration.

Application for Exceptional Access to MediaLab Resources (PDF, 65kB)

Equipment and facilities booking

You can book production equipment and facilities using the portable equipment and facilities booking system.

Room bookings and applications to film on campus

All staff and student bookings must be submitted from the booker’s UTS email account.

Bon Marche Studio: The Bon Marche Studio is available to MAP students to book for production work for subjects 54035 Media Arts Project, 57177 Media Arts Research and Production, and 57180 Media Arts and Production Capstone. To submit a booking request go to Bon Marche Studio. Booking requests take up to three full business days to process.

Room 03.02.010 (seven days) and Studio 03.02.022 (Saturday and Sunday only): These are available to MAP students to book for production work and associated activities such as production meetings, auditions and rehearsals for all MAP production subjects. Book online using the FASS Booking System.

General teaching classrooms: Communication students may book general teaching classrooms for production activities for assessment tasks. Email a booking request to SoC-enquiries@uts.edu.au. Booking requests take a minimum of three business days to process.

All other UTS areas: Students may request access to all other locations on campus as filming locations by submitting a FASS Student Application to Film on Campus. Booking requests take up to two weeks to consider.

Paying crew or cast member in cash or in kind

Use this form if you are paying any crew or cast member in cash or in kind: deed of release (PDF, 27kB)

UTS insurance only covers ‘volunteers’. If you are paying crew or cast member in cash or in kind you are in the position of employer, and the UTS public liability insurance will notcover the cast or crew member.

Guests on set

The Safety for actors and guests on set (PDF, 62kB) document contains information for all guests, actors, and crew on an approved MAP film or video shoot, who are not currently enrolled in a MAP production subject:

UTS insurance certificates

Use these Certificates of Currency:

Downloadable certificates of currency also available at UTS insurance.

Standard personal release (documentary)

Use the Standard personal release (documentary) form (PDF, 26kB) for permission to use and to record/film subjects of documentary productions:

Accident / incident report

Accident / incident reporting is used to report any accident or incident, however minor.

Intellectual property declaration

Use this form: intellectual property declaration (DOC, 26kB)

Script style template

An example of a script style sheet: script style template (doc, 26kB)

Event Management

A UTS Event Approval Request must be submitted during the planning stage of all staff and student events.

If the event involves the screening of non-classified films (Eg foreign films, student films, academic research films), the event itself must be classified by the event coordinator and ‘registered’ with the Australian Government Classification Board. For further information on how to register an event, contact the School of Communication Administration Manager, mariana.baltodano@uts.edu.au.

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