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Film, video and audio production resources

The information on this page is for students studying media and arts and production or journalism who are producing a film for their final project.  

Project approval forms

You’ll need to complete a project approval form prior to undertaking your final project. The rules and conditions and safety checklists contained in the form comply with the Occupational Risk Management in the Australian Film and Television Industry. (PDF, 1.02MB)

Undergraduate approval forms

If you’re an undergraduate student, you must request approval from your lecturer/tutor for your project by completing one of the following subject-specific forms:

Postgraduate approval forms

If you’re a postgraduate student, you must request approval from your lecturer/tutor for your project by completing the Postgraduate student project approval form (PDF, 142kB)

Other forms

All students must also complete the following forms and submit them to their class lecturer/tutor for approval:

Note: You’ll need to use the booking system to book equipment for your production.

Working with children

If you’re planning to engage volunteers aged under 18 to take part in your production, you’ll need to get specific approval from your academic supervisor. You’ll also need to meet the NSW Government Office of the Children’s Guardian requirements for working with children (under 18 years of age) and employing children (under 15 years of age) before your supervisor can approve your request.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Undergo a Working with Children Check.
  2. Obtain an Authority to Employ Children.
  3. Submit a Pre-employment Notification.

For further information visit the working-with-children website.

Student travel forms

Travelling further than 50km (one way) as part of your production project? You and your supervisor will need to complete a travel approval form before you go. See the Travel Guidelines and FAQs page for more information.

Travel approval form (PDF, 317KB).

Security access and emergency procedures

For information on security access, visit our MediaLab access and emergency procedures page.

Access to MediaLab production equipment and facilities

As a coursework student, you’ll be granted access to a range of MediaLab equipment and facilities to help you complete your assessment items. Access is based on the subjects you’re current studying.

If you’re studying one of the subjects listed below, or if you’re a postgraduate research student, you’ll need to make a formal request for access using Application for Access to MediaLab Resources (PDF, 107kB).

  • 55994 Honours Project
  • 51984 Master of Arts Thesis
  • 51985 Master of Creative Arts Thesis
  • 51991 PhD Thesis: Humanities and Social Sciences
  • 51992 Doctoral Project

If you’re a journalism student studying one of the subjects listed below, you’ll need to make a formal request for access using the Journalism Application for Access to FASS MediaLab Resources (PDF, 114kB).

  • 57185 Journalism Major Project 1
  • 57186 Journalism Major Project 2

Read more about MediaLab.

Exceptional access

If you need access to MediaLab resources but you’re not studying one of the subjects listed above, you’ll need to make a request for exceptional access. Due to the demand for resources and the need to allocate them equitably, exceptional access is generally not granted. However, if you believe you have a genuine case, you can submit an Application for Exceptional Access to MediaLab Resources (PDF, 65kB) to your subject coordinator. 

Equipment and facilities booking

You can book production equipment and facilities using the portable equipment and facilities booking system. Please read the loan guide (PDF, 92kB) which outlines the conditions of borrowing and the responsibilities for safe, proper use and care of equipment prior to making a booking.

For helping using the online booking system, watch the video below on how to book.

Loading Video...

Group booking sheet

In the event of a group exercise where you’ll be working as a crew, the conditions of borrowing and the responsibilities for safe, proper use and care of equipment are to be shared, making all signatories responsible.

Use the group booking sheet form to nominate the members of the crew who’ll be responsible for the equipment.

Room bookings and applications to film on campus

If you’re submitting one of the rooms listed below, or if you’re applying to film on campus, you must send the request from your UTS email account.

Bon Marche Studio: The Bon Marche Studio is available to MAP students to book for production work for subjects 54035 Media Arts Project, 57177 Media Arts Research and Production, and 57180 Media Arts and Production Capstone. To submit a booking request, go to Booking form for FASS students and staff. Booking requests take up to three full business days to process.

Room 03.02.010 (seven days) and Studio 03.02.022 (Saturday and Sunday only): These are available to MAP students to book for production work and associated activities such as production meetings, auditions and rehearsals for all MAP production subjects. Book online using the FASS Booking System.

General teaching classrooms: MAP and Journalism production students may book general teaching classrooms for production activities for assessment tasks. Email a booking request to SoC-enquiries@uts.edu.au. Booking requests take a minimum of three business days to process.

All other UTS areas: Students may request access to all other locations on campus as filming locations by submitting a FASS Student Application to Film on Campus. Booking requests take up to two weeks to consider.

Star Now Casting Portal

Looking to cast a few actors in your next film project? View all the current call-outs in motion amongst UTS MAP students and alumni. Or create your own!

Paying crew or cast member in cash or in kind

Use this form if you are paying any crew or cast member in cash or in kind: deed of release (PDF, 27kB)

Note: UTS insurance only covers volunteers – that is, people who aren’t being paid. If you are paying crew or cast member in cash or in kind you are in the position of employer, and the UTS public liability insurance will not cover the cast or crew member.

Guests on set

The Safety for actors and guests on set (PDF, 62kB) document contains information for all guests, actors, and crew on an approved MAP or Journalism film or video shoot, who aren’t currently enrolled in a MAP production or Journalism subject.

UTS insurance certificates

Use these Certificates of Currency:

Standard personal release (documentary)

Use the Standard personal release (documentary) form (PDF, 26kB) for permission to use and to record/film subjects of documentary productions.

Accident / incident report

Accident / incident reporting is used to report any accident or incident, however minor. This is a hyperlink to Safety and Wellbeing at UTS. Any accident, on or off campus, or incident must be reported via this link. 

Intellectual property declaration

Intellectual property forms are used to protect your copyright. Use these forms to grant UTS a licence to use, reproduce, copy and exhibit material for educational purposes within UTS and for marketing and promotional purposes.

Use this form: intellectual property declaration (DOC, 26kB)

Script style template

This is an example of a script style sheet: script style template (doc, 26kB)


medialab-loan-guide.pdf (PDF, 129.97kB)