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Attila Brungs: Vice-Chancellor and President of UTSI would like to extend a warm welcome and congratulate you on your offer to study at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).

You are joining a world-class university that has produced many distinguished graduates who are contributing to our local, national and international communities.

At UTS we are recognised for the high quality of our teaching and learning and our practice-based approach, that ensures our graduates are work-ready. We undertake to equip future leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with ever-changing global challenges.

We view as a key strength the social and cultural diversity of our students, staff and partners in the professions and the community. This quality and diversity has created a vibrant and rich learning environment that prepares graduates for a borderless workplace.

Our Campus Master Plan is testament to UTS’s innovative and forward-thinking approach to education. We are creating a vibrant new campus that will inspire you, and give you the best education and social advantages possible.

I encourage you to take up the many extra-curricular opportunities on offer, and wish you every success with your studies.

Attila Brungs
Vice-Chancellor and President