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Deferring your course commencement


If you are an international student, please refer to the information on accepting and deferring on the international students section of the website. 

If you are a domestic student and you receive an offer to study an undergraduate course which commences in Autumn session (the beginning of the year), you may be able to defer commencement of your course (take a gap year) for 12 months. 
You cannot defer if you:
  • have been made an offer to:
    • Bachelor of Information Technology
    • Bachelor of Midwifery
    • Bachelor of Midwifery Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation
    • a postgraduate or honours course
  • want to defer for less than 12 months
  • have already enrolled in your course since receiving your offer
  • are commencing your course in second session (Spring).
If any of the above applies, your only options are to:
  • accept your offer, and commence your course at UTS, or
  • not accept your offer, and reapply to UTS when you are ready to commence your course.
Your place is not automatically guaranteed if you choose to defer the commencement of your course and you:
  • have previously deferred commencement of this course, or
  • you are planning on studying a:
    • TAFE course at AQF diploma level or above,
    • private provider course at AQF diploma level or above, or
    • course at another university.
Your application will be re-assessed, taking into account your academic record from your tertiary level study.
If none of the above applies, and you wish to defer your course commencement, you can:
  1. Log into Start and activate your UTS email and access.
  2. Log into My Student Admin and choose the defer option.
The last day to defer is Friday 2 March 2018.

Returning from deferral

Once you have completed your deferral, you will be given a direct offer to your deferred course commencing in the Autumn session of the following year, see re-activating a deferred offer for more information.

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