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Classes at the Powerhouse Museum

View of Powerhouse Museum from the top

Classes on Monday 14 -  Friday 18 August 2017

Due to the unavailability of the Powerhouse Theatre, all lectures will take place at the Aerial Function Centre on these dates. Please keep an eye on your timetable, as this will be updated in the description field.

Aerial Function Centre location:  The Aerial Function Centre is located on level 7 of Building 10 (turn left when exiting the lifts).

Certain classes will be held in the Powerhouse Museum (PH) throughout 2017, until Building 2 is completed in 2019. This is an exciting new learning space with many features that UTS students can take advantage of, but there’s a few specific things you need to be aware of if you have classes in the Powerhouse Museum (such as always carrying your student ID). 

Confirm your class

Do you have a class in the Powerhouse Museum? 
Firstly, confirm whether or not you have a class in the Powerhouse Museum by logging into My Timetable and checking your classes.  Look for ‘Powerhouse’ or ‘PH’ which will be listed as your classroom location.  

Getting there


The Powerhouse Museum is approximately a 10-minute walk from Central Station via The Goods Line. The route has been marked out in yellow on the campus map (PDF, 353kb).


You can also catch the light-rail to the Paddy's Market stop. This light-rail stop is located between Hay Street and Quay Street, near Paddy’s Markets entrance and opposite Qantas Credit Union Area (formerly Sydney Entertainment Centre). For more information visit the NSW Transport - Lightrail Info website.

Students must access the Powerhouse:

  1. via the Museum’s level 1 (PDF, 92kB) entry off The Goods Line. There is no access to UTS students via the main entry from Harris St. 
  2. From level 1, take the escalator up to level 2 (PDF, 83kB) and follow the signs to the Powerhouse Theatre. Disability access is via a lift from the level 1 lobby. 
Staff will be available to assist you if you need help.  

The Goodsline - heading towards Central Station. Project credit: ASPECT Studios, our design partner CHROFI, the client and land owner Property NSW. Photographer credit: Florian Groehn

Opening times

The Powerhouse Theatre is open from 8am – 9pm Monday to Friday. 
Students are welcome to use the museum’s public areas during weekday opening hours (10am–5pm Monday–Friday). Students wishing to attend an exhibition are required to purchase a ticket.

Gaining access

Stickers for your ID card

When you arrive at the Powerhouse Museum for your first class, a sticker will need to be fixed to your UTS ID card. You must obtain this sticker to authorise your continued entry into the Powerhouse Theatre.  

Important: you are required to have your student ID and sticker on you at all times whilst in the Powerhouse Museum. You will not be permitted access without it.    
To obtain your sticker: 
  1. Arrive approximately 10-15 minutes prior to your class. 
  2. Take the escalator to the theatre on level 2 where stickers will be issued.
Obtaining authorisation stickers after Monday, 7 August 2017:
  • If you are a late enrolment and/or attending your first class at the Powerhouse Theatre on or after Monday 7 August 2017, you will need to collect your access sticker from a UTS Student Centre - (Building 5 and Building 10). 

Forgetting your ID card

If you forget your student ID card please visit the Powerhouse security desk for assistance prior to class or you will not be permitted entry. 

Bags and larger items

Bags will generally be allowed into the theatre. However, Powerhouse Museum Security may require you to stow large items in a locker on level 1 before admission to the theatre.  
If you are carrying a larger item (such as a weekend bag or suitcase), please allow adequate time to store this. 

Writing tablets

Please be aware that the Powerhouse Theatre is not equipped with writing tablets.  


Food and drink 

The MAAS Café, located on level 1 of the museum, has extended its opening hours to accommodate UTS students. It is open from 8am – 9.30pm Monday – Friday. Please be aware that food and drink are not permitted in the Powerhouse Theatre (except for water).
If you do have food or beverages, we ask that you kindly don’t consume it inside the Powerhouse Museum. 

Bathroom facilities

Female, male and accessible bathrooms are available on levels 1 and 2. 


There is Wi-Fi available at the Powerhouse Museum for student use via the eduroam network. 
Join the eduroam network:


In the event of issues or concerns, including lost property, please see the Powerhouse Museum’s security staff. Security staff are available during the lecture theatre’s opening hours. A security guard will be posted at the level 1 entry off The Goods Line to assist students, with other guards located elsewhere in the museum. UTS Security will include The Goods Line on its regular evening bicycle patrol of the campus. 
Contact UTS Security: 
  • the nearest Security Office to the Powerhouse Museum is located in Building 5, on level 2 of the UTS Library - phone 9514 1192/3.

Travelling at night

Students attending evening lectures can use the UTS Security shuttle bus service. The shuttle bus service will stop outside the museum on MacArthur St hourly between 6.48pm and 9.48pm during session. View the shuttle bus timetable.

Special needs access assistance

If you require assistance getting to the Powerhouse Theatre from the UTS campus, please contact the Special Needs Service to connect you with an Access Assistant. You can contact the Special Needs service by emailing Special.Needs@uts.edu.au or by calling (02) 9514 1177.
To access the infra-red assistive audio system, you can pick up an infra-red listening device, available from UTS Special Needs, UTS Security or on-site at the Powerhouse Theatre. 
For other access requests or to find out more information, please contact the UTS Special Needs Service.


If you have any questions about your classes at the Powerhouse Theatre, please speak to your lecturer in the first instance.