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Network Cafe is a free program that brings new students from overseas together with experienced UTS students (Peer Networkers) to help them settle into Sydney and the UTS community.

We meet every Tuesday from 4 to 5pm (during session) for a free coffee and chat at the Cornerstone Cafe (Level 3, Building 7). There are plenty of other opportunities to socialise with other students in the program as we also offer many special events such as indoor and outdoor games etc.

Overseas students

Having Network Café buddies can open up a world of opportunities for you.

Besides making new friends, you can practise your English skills, learn more about the Australian culture and find answers to your questions about student life at UTS. Your buddies are there to help you settle in, gain confidence and become established at UTS. We hope that you will feel comfortable approaching them with any question or problem you may have.

To be eligible to join, you must be an international, study abroad or exchange student in your first or second session at UTS.

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Peer Networkers

Becoming a Network Café buddy is a unique opportunity that can offer a fulfilling and fun-filled experience.  Supporting your international friends as they settle in and become established at UTS can be rewarding and inspiring in equal measure.

At Network Café events, you’ll be in contact with hundreds of other local and overseas students, making it a great opportunity to make friends, practise a new language, learn more about different cultures or share your favourite hobby.

If you are planning to go on exchange, having Network Café buddies can be a great way to prepare; they may be able to teach you more about the country you plan to travel to, or help you to understand some of the joys and pitfalls of being a student in a new country.

Experienced students must be Peer Networkers or obtain special permission to join the program from the Network Café Coordinator.


  • Through Network Café I met students that I normally would never have met, and formed friendships that should last far beyond our uni years.
  • The weekly coffee catch-up was definitely the best way to get to know new people and meet up with friends throughout session.
  • The weekly coffee is a perfect break from studying and a perfect way to meet new people.
  • Network Café brought in some great fun, atmosphere and a smile on everyone's face. Great way to meet good people.

See the Network Cafe events page for more details!

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