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Anna Watanabe

Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Journalism) Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
Winner of the 2011 Engineers Australia Media Scholarship

After filing my first “story” in first year, my journalism tutor asked me whether real reporting lived up to my expectations.

“It’s not as glamorous,” I replied. Not that I preferred my, then, blissful ignorance of the world of journalism to where I am now.

UTS Journalism throws you in the deep-end from the day you walk in, helping you mature, both as a writer and human being. Not enough can be said for good communication — be it written, broadcast through television or radio, or even in day-to-day conversation and interviews — and that it what UTS Journalism teaches: how to be an effective communicator.

These, however, are observations in hindsight. When I chose to study at UTS, I did so because it was recognised for its industry connections and hands-on courses.

Little did I know just how ‘hands-on’ my time here would be. This year, I’ve started editing UTS Vertigo — the official student magazine. Having had two solid years of being a reporter, putting on my “editor’s hat” took some time getting used to, but has enhanced my understanding of the whole reportage process. Through Vertigo, I’ve also had the opportunity to fine tune my broadcast production skills; I edit the videos that the magazine publishes on its website, giving me wonderful experience with industry equipment. Through the opportunities presented at UTS I was also selected to report for CNN’s iReport iUniversity program. iReport, with its strong broadcast focus, has provided my with the chance to have more of my video work published internationally.

Last year, I sold my first story to AAP — a technical writing feature which I believe set my scholarship application apart from other applicant’s. This article, ‘It’s not easy being radio-active green’ was highly commended at last year’s Ossie Awards and has been my proudest publication, so far. I could not have written such an article without the guidance and support from the staff at UTS. Being taught by industry professionals is like a weekly masterclass — minus Matt Preston and the empty calories!

When I graduate I want to move into video journalism and foreign correspondancy, and UTS Journalism has given me a wonderful foundation to build my skills upon. The International Studies component of my degree see’s me moving to Japan for a year next year — an experience which I’m sure will be just as memorable as my time, here, so far.

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"UTS Journalism throws you in the deep-end from the day you walk in, helping you mature, both as a writer and human being."