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UTS operates in accordance with the Copyright Act 1968 (Cwlth), and information published on the UTSWeb is subject to this Act and equivalent copyright acts in other territories. Unless otherwise attributed, UTS, and individuals and organisations that are permitted to publish on the UTSWeb, own the copyright to the material they publish.

Information on the UTSWeb may be utilised in unaltered form for personal use or other uses permitted by the Copyright Act. Copyright must be properly attributed and permission must be sought before publication for any other use, especially commercial uses, which reproduces information found on the UTSWeb.

Users of information on the UTSWeb should act according to relevant copyright laws and the copyright details placed on websites on the UTSWeb. These details are generally located in the footer of UTSWeb sites, however occasionally there may be additional copyright attribution to information on some pages.

For further information on reproducing material found on the UTSWeb, contact the Copyright Contact Officer (email). Further information about copyright at UTS is available on copyright at UTS.