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Teaching and Learning

The connection between teaching, industry and research is a distinctive characteristic of UTS Business School courses, and is a product of our active engagement with business, the professions and community. This engagement is what differentiates UTS Business School from competitors.

We are also committed to internationalising the curriculum through our established global industry and academic partnerships. These partnerships provide many opportunities for research, UTS:International Exchange and work experience.

We also value diversity to enrich teaching and learning and, with the assistance of UTS:International, we welcome students from all over the world.

UTS Business School strives for excellence in teaching and learning across all our courses. Students at every level learn to apply core business skills to:

  • problem analysis and decision-making
  • develop strategic responses to current and future issues facing Australian and global business environments
  • communicate in a variety of forms across culturally diverse work environments
  • use information and business support systems
  • reflectively apply leading-edge theory to practical problem solving options and strategies
  • have an awareness of the principles of ethics and corporate governance in a variety of settings
  • develop the capacity to take a leadership role in work situations, and
  • access and critically interpret statistics and apply them in changing business environments.

Our Teaching and Learning focus is on the 'forward-thinking, work-ready' aspect of our programs, plus a commitment to effective learning strategies for the acquisition of essential business skills and attributes.

Graduate attributes

UTS Business School courses are taught in a way that means graduates will know concepts and theories, can put these to practice and can become a self-reflective practitioner. The Graduate Attributes (GAs) that we have developed for our courses reinforce this approach:

  • business knowledge and concepts
  • critical thinking, creativity and analytical skills
  • communication and interpersonal skills
  • attitudes and values
  • business practice oriented skills

Each Graduate Attribute has Program Learning Objectives (PLOs) that are aligned with a specific course.  These Program Learning Objectives assure that students have become proficient in the relevant Graduate Attribute.  The PLOs of a subject and the PLO assessment details are provided in subject outlines, that can be found within the handbook

The relationships between the GAs, PLOs and subjects in a course are regularly reviewed as part of the School’s established processes for assurance of learning (program assessment).  The objective of these processes is to improve student learning and drive curriculum change.

Graduate Attributes enablers and results

A video showcasing how graduate attributes are developed within the Business School's undergraduate programs is available online here (link to external site).