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Centre for the Study of Choice

CenSoc LogoCenSoC is a leading research centre based within UTS, that delivers innovative theoretical and predictive research solutions to public and private partners seeking a better understanding of human choice behaviour.
It delivers contract research, local and international grant research and professional development to organisations through our:
  • Stakeholder network of industry, government and university partners
  • Research team comprised of globally recognised choice behaviour specialists
  • Project management
  • Aligned business processes, and
  • Intellectual property
The Centre welcomes industry partnerships that provide a "real world lab" by delivering complex challenges faced in their commercial environments. This enables CenSoC to address:
  • Industry specific, evidence based research that allow our partners to better understand and predict individual and group decisions made by managers, organisations and consumers
  • Expanding research frontiers
  • Competitive advantages to our partners through their improved understanding of human choice behaviour and it impacts on their industries or businesses
  • Theories of choice behaviour
  • Instrumentation
  • Statistical modeling
  • Social policy & economic valuation
  • Validation & applications