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Practical Business Learning for Entrepreneurs: UTS@HUBSYDNEY

Please note, this pilot program is now complete and we've helped skill up over 200 entrepreneurs. 
Email executive.development@uts.edu.au if you would like to be added to our database to be informed of any upcoming entreprenurial opportunities, events or workshops.
New business activity is the life-blood of a city like Sydney. But as all entrepreneurs know sometimes new businesses need a hand. UTS Business School and The Hub Sydney, supported by The City of Sydney, are launching a pilot program to meet these needs. We’re bringing The Hub’s collaborative, entrepreneurial culture and UTS’s expertise in rigorous, practical learning together to bring Sydney start-ups the educational platform they need. 
The 2013 pilot program has a focus on entrepreneurs in the tech and creative sectors and is the first step for a larger rollout in the future. By being part of this pilot, you gain practical business expertise to build your business while helping us shape the future of entrepreneurial education.
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We’ve identified five key skill areas entrepreneurs need to have in their tool kit. We’ve developed short, sharp two hour workshops to be held at Hub Sydney. Each workshop is limited to 50 places, so you will need to act fast to secure your place. Tickets are $20 a person and the workshops are run by entrepreneurial experts from UTS. 

Sign up to one, a couple, or all five: Just pick the areas of expertise that will help your business grow and succeed. 
Applications for the mentorship program have now been completed. For the pilot we have selected 12 entrepreneurs for a place on our mentorship programme. The mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs as well as the business expertise of consultants from PriceWaterhouseCoopers
Please note that this is a pilot programme - we appreciate you giving us feedback to shape our future educational platform.
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Previous Workshops

Lean Canvas Model: What is a CVP (compelling value proposition) 
Wednesday, 6th November, Colin Kinner 
What are the basics of a business model? Once it’s developed, how do you test it? To be successful, you must understand the problem your business is tackling and develop a focused solution.
This session enables participants to map out their business model and value proposition, and to start engaging in customer development.
In this workshop you will:
  • Learn how to develop and articulate a compelling value proposition
  • Learn how to use the Lean Canvas principle.
  • Use the Validation Board to articulate and systematically test the key hypotheses on which your business is based
  • Explore some of the most common business and revenue models
Your Customer: Who will buy from you?
Tuesday, 3rd December, Colin Kinner
Who are your clients and what do they need? If you can’t define your customer then your competitors are already one step ahead. 
Participants will gain practical tools to engage with their customers and inform business strategy, This will ensure they will buy from you, and not someone else.
In this workshop you will:
  • Learn to understand customer needs and how your target customer compares competing offerings
  • Be shown the difference between customers and users
  • Gain practical tips for acquiring customer insights that can help you refine your business strategy
  • Use  your Minimum Viable Product as a means of engaging with and learning from customers
  • Understand the importance of product-market fit before executing your strategy
You and Your Competitors: Why are you better?
Tuesday, 4th February, David Band
What is your competitive advantage: Technology?  Price? Customer intimacy? Is that sustainable? To be successful, you need to understand your competition and exploit their weaknesses.
Learn to rigorously analyse competitors, to be objective about your strengths and weaknesses; and how to put together a robust, competitive battle plan.
  • Learn the importance of being objective, not emotional, about your competitors
  • Discuss competitors' likely product road maps
  • Learn how to create strategies for different competitive scenarios
  • Be shown the importance of avoiding technology as the only basis for competing
  • Be taught how to build sustainable competitive advantage
  • Learn how to develop a competitive battle card
Money: Funding Your Venture
Wednesday, 5th March, James W. Huthin
Raising investment is key to any business. Getting the balance between too much and too little is hard. How do you know how much your business is worth? In a start-up, cash is king – we will map out burn rates and test your assumptions.
Learn the tips, tricks, dos and do-nots, to help work your way through the challenges of controlling your finances in a start-up business. 
  • An overview of the “market” for early stage funding
  • Asking for money aka “Your Pitch”
  • Thoughts on valuation
  • Angel Investing


Team: Who do I need to have with me?
Tuesday, 1st April, David Band
People are the single biggest factor in a business’s success or failure, and as you move from start up to scale up these issues become paramount. Understanding your core team and their capability gaps is essential as is having a milestone-based plan for recruitment. We’ll cover the real cost of a bad hire, the importance of hiring 'above yourself' and the whether money is always the motivator. 
Emerge with an understanding of your current team and the people you should be hiring if you want to succeed.