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Research Centres

The Centre for Business and Social Innovation (CBSI) aligns with the UTS Business School research focus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. CBSI provides a holistic view that integrates the political, technical, economic, social and environmental dimensions.

The Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation (CHERE) is a UTS Research Strength. CHERE aligns with the UTS Business School research focus on Health Economics. As a Centre for Research Excellence, CHERE has long recognised the importance of its staff in generating and executing research.

The Centre for Business Intelligence and Data Analysis (BIDA) aligns with the UTS Business School research focus on Business Analytics. Researchers in BIDA are working to improve business systems and practice by harnessing the growing power of data analytics.

The Centre for Policy and Market Design (CPMD) is a Business School Research Strength. CPMD aligns with the UTS Business School research focus on Experimental Economics and Market Design. Market design studies why some institutions are successful, and how to mend those that fail.

Research Themes

Financial Markets and Information (FMI) aligns with the UTS Business School research focus on Capital Markets. Researchers investigate on how the efficiency and effectiveness of financial markets can be improved.

Quantitative Finance Research (QFR) solves problems in financial valuation and risk management using advanced techniques from the fields of mathematics, statistics and computing.

Research in Discipline Groups

Accounting is focused on meeting the needs of modern businesses, both through the need for highly trained graduates ready for the professional environment and undertaking research that aims to improve the efficiency of Australian businesses and financial markets.

Economics is the social science that studies the choices that individuals, businesses, and governments make as they cope with scarcity and the incentives that influence those choices.

Finance main areas of research are quantitative finance, corporate finance, corporate governance and superannuation.

Management is where quality and innovative teaching combine with relevant, recognised research to develop rewarding careers.

Marketing helps organisations build market efficiency, improve sales and enhance marketing management decision making.