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Budget 2017 - Analysts available

4 May 2017

Parliament House, Canberra

Parliament House, Canberra.  Photo: JJ Harrison / Wikimedia

UTS Business School has a number of experts available to comment on the 2017 Federal Budget. The list below is of key people in likely areas of interest, but if you need other suggestions please contact Media Adviser Lesley Parker on 0422 000 249 or via emailPhotos of our experts are available via our Flickr photo sharing account. 


MEDIA UNIT | Lesley Parker
Lesley has a background as a business and finance reporter. Please contact her if you are unable to reach any of the specialists below … or for other suggestions.
Download photos of UTS Business School academics from our Flickr account.
lesley.parker@uts.edu.au or 0422 000 249


Dr David Bond

Accounting lecturer Dr David Bond is in the Canberra lockup with community radio station 2SER so will have a good budget overview. He will be available from 8.30pm on the night, and in the morning of the following day.
As well as ‘the numbers’, he can address measures in the area of income tax, negative gearing and SMES.
David.Bond@uts.edu.au or 0402 406 524

Professor of Finance Ron Bird

Prof Bird has conducted modelling, using the HILDA survey, that shows helping low-income earners into housing is just as important as compulsory superannuation. Prof Bird can comment on measures affecting superannuation and the investment industry.
Ron.Bird@uts.edu.au or 0412 101 989

Associate Professor of Accounting Roman Lanis
Dr Brett Govendir
Dr Anna Wright

Assoc Prof Lanis and Dr Govendir research corporate tax, including multinational ‘tax shifting’. Accounting lecturer Dr Anna Wright can address measures affecting the business bottom line, particularly for SMEs.
Roman.Lanis@uts.edu.au or 0405 275 302
or 0433 265 522
or 0412 006 427

Professor Mike Woods

Professor Woods, a former Productivity Commissioner and currently Independent Reviewer of health profession accreditation, is an all-rounder on health policy. He can discuss topics in areas such as drug pricing and the Medicare rebate freeze.
Michael.Woods@chere.uts.edu.au or 0407 329 049

Professor Rosalie Viney

Professor Viney is Director of the Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation (CHERE) at UTS. She has particular expertise in the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.
Rosalie.Viney@uts.edu.au or 0402 417 493

Associate Professor Kees Van Gool

Assoc Prof Van Gool is an expert on Medicare. He can talk about the rebate freeze and possible reforms around prosthetic devices.
Kees.VanGool@uts.edu.au or 0458 858 006

Associate Professor Danielle Logue

Assoc Prof Logue is a specialist in innovation and entrepreneurship, including innovation in the delivery of foreign aid. Assoc Prof Logue will be in the budget lockup in Canberra.
Danielle.Logue@uts.edu.au or 0422 280 506

Professor Simon Darcy
rofessor Darcy is a researcher in the area of diversity and inclusion and a power wheelchair himself.
Simon.Darcy@uts.edu.au or 0408 969 371

Associate Professor Sarah Kaine

Associate Professor Kaine, of the Centre for Business and Social Innovation (CBSI) at UTS is a specialist in industrial relations and human resources, with a particular interest in the ‘sharing economy’.
Sarah.Kaine@uts.edu.au or 0425 334 579

Associate Professor of Finance Harry Scheule

Assoc Prof Scheule is a capital risk expert and can talk about the impact of the budget on the banking sector.
Harald.Scheule@uts.edu.au or 0405 953 836

Associate Professor Antoine Hermens

Dr Hermens is a management specialist and can address the budget impact on SMEs.
Antoine.Hermens@uts.edu.au or 0409 111 020

Associate Professor Bronwen Dalton

Assoc Prof Dalton is Director of our Masters of Not-for-Profit and Community Management Program and a researcher in this area. 
Bronwen.Dalton@uts.edu.au or 0491 108 571