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Through training, teaching and research the Marketing Discipline Group promotes excellence in marketing. We help organisations build market efficiency, improve sales and enhance marketing management decision making.
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Professor Gary Lilien of UTS Business School has won a global award honouring both rigour and relevance in marketing science.
Parents are interested in star ratings indicating the nutritional value of cereals but it’s the colour in the breakfast bowl that has final sway, a study by UTS health and marketing researchers has found.
A study has found a measurable link between brand strength and the ease and cost of raising business capital, bringing the worlds of marketing and finance much closer together.
How would you like a free donut? A free Slurpee? A free dinner or holiday? How about someone paying your bills? These offers are tempting, but there can be a price to pay.
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Marketing Discipline Group

PhD in Marketing. We are calling for expressions of interest from prospective PhD students.

Professor Gary Lilien has been awarded the 2017 Buck Weaver Award by the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science. The Buck Weaver Award honors distinguished scholars and practitioners for their lifetime contribution to theory and practice in the development of rigor and relevance in marketing science.  

[Gary Lilien receives Buck Weaver Award]


Professor Leona Tam has recently joined the Marketing Discipline Group, and we are pleased to announce that a further four outstanding academics will also join the Discipline Group:

  • Dr Ofer Mintz (currently Louisiana State University) - 03 July 2017
    Ofer Mintz
    Ofer Mintz will take up a position as a Senior Lecturer in Marketing. His research focuses on marketing strategy/analytics, digital marketing, and the role of marketing in startups, which he investigates by combining econometric techniques and theories from across business school disciplines. Ofer has given talks on 5 continents, his research has been published in leading marketing journals including the Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science, and Journal of Retailing, and he has been awarded grants from several academic-practitioner organizations. Recently, he was nominated to join the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB).
  • Dr Ping Xiao (currently NYU Shanghai) - 08 August 2017
    Ping Xiao
    Ping Xiao will be a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at University of Technology Sydney. Her research is broadly concerned with Emerging Markets, Social Network and Social Media, Empirical and Theoretical Analysis of Competitive Strategies, crowdsourcing and innovation.  Her work has appeared in Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing Research, etc. She is the Finalist of 2014 John D.C. Little Best Paper Award.
  • Dr Weining Bao (currently Wuhan University) - September 2017
    Weining Bao
    Weining Bao will join UTS as a Senior Lecturer. His expertise includes quantitative marketing, financial services marketing, structural models and applied game theory. A major part of his research focuses on empirical and theoretical studies of consumer choices and firm behaviours in financial services markets and emerging markets. His publications appear in leading academic journals, including Marketing Science. He received his Ph.D. in economics from Johns Hopkins University, and B.A. in Economics and Finance from University of Hong Kong.
  • Dr Adrian Camilleri (currently RMIT University) - 02 January 2018

    Dr Adrian Camilleri
    Dr. Adrian Camilleri holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a Master’s degree in organizational psychology, and a PhD in cognitive psychology, all from UNSW. He completed postdoctoral training in marketing and management at Duke University. Adrian’s research uses experimental methods to understand the cognitive processes underling judgment and decision-making, and the application of this knowledge to consumption, environmental, and financial contexts. You can learn more about him at www.adrianrcamilleri.com.


The following distinguished scholars will visit the Marketing Discipline Group in 2017:


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Forthcoming publications

Palmer, T-A, Burke, P.F., Aubusson, P. (2017) "Why school students choose and reject science: a study of the factors that students consider when selecting subjects", International Journal of Science Education, published online

Hoek, J., Gendall, P., Eckert, C., Louviere, J.J. (2017) "Dissuasive cigarette sticks: the next step in standardised (‘plain’) packaging?", Tobacco  Control, In press.

Gendall, P., Eckert, C.Hoek, J., Farley, T., Louviere, J., Wilson, N. & Edwards, R. (2017) "Estimating the 'consumer surplus' for branded versus standardised tobacco packaging", Tobacco control. In press
Purmehdi, M., Legoux, R., Carrillat, F., Senecal, S. (2017) "The Effectiveness of Warning Labels for Consumers: A Meta-Analytic Investigation into Their Underlying Process and Contingencies", Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, In press
Agnew, J.R., Bateman, H., Eckert, C., Iskhakov, F., Louviere, J., Thorp, S. (2017) "First Impressions Matter: An Experimental Investigation of Online Financial Advice", Management Science, In press