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Through training, teaching and research the Marketing Discipline Group promotes excellence in marketing. We help organisations build market efficiency, improve sales and enhance marketing management decision making.
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A study has found a measurable link between brand strength and the ease and cost of raising business capital, bringing the worlds of marketing and finance much closer together.
How would you like a free donut? A free Slurpee? A free dinner or holiday? How about someone paying your bills? These offers are tempting, but there can be a price to pay.
Movie marketers are missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue by waiting too long to release DVDs, new research has found.
Studio A, a social enterprise that supports artists living with intellectual disability, has sought the expertise of postgraduate UTS Business School students to develop a pricing strategy for its Artisan Props Collective program.
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Marketing Discipline Group

Dr Weining Bao, currently at Wuhan University, China, will join the Marketing Discipline Group in September 2017.


The following distinguished scholars will visit the Marketing Discipline Group in 2017:


Dr Anurag Hingorani & Dr Paul Wang were awarded Best Paper in Marketing Communications at the 2016 ANZMAC conference

Students working on Capstone projects in Marketing and Marketing Communication presented their work to industry partners at 3M and Police Bank

Presentation to 3M

Presentation to Police Bank


Distinguished Professor Gary Lilien from Penn State University has joined the Marketing Discipline Group in a fractional position.


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Forthcoming publications

Hoek, J., Gendall, P., Eckert, C., Louviere, J.J. (2016) "Dissuasive cigarette sticks: the next step in standardised (‘plain’) packaging?", Tobacco  Control, In press.

Gendall, P., Eckert, C., Hoek, J., Farley, T., Louviere, J., Wilson, N. & Edwards, R. (2016) "Estimating the 'consumer surplus' for branded versus standardised tobacco packaging", Tobacco control. In press
Purmehdi, M., Legoux, R., Carrillat, F., Senecal, S. (2017) "The Effectiveness of Warning Labels for Consumers: A Meta-Analytic Investigation into Their Underlying Process and Contingencies", Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, In press