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Through training, teaching and research the Marketing Discipline Group promotes excellence in marketing. We help organisations build market efficiency, improve sales and enhance marketing management decision making.
When it came time to consider the pricing of a new suite of cultural products, cultural and community group ICE sought advice on strategy from postgraduate students in marketing.
A research project looking at the use of mobile technologies such as iPads in secondary schools will be pioneering in its application of “choice modelling” techniques to the field of education.
Three of the biggest shocks in the history of corporate sponsorship have occurred in the past five years, involving sports stars Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong and Oscar Pistorius. What should a sponsor should do – if anything – when the positive glow from celebrity fades.
In the endless drive to get people’s attention, advertising is going ‘native’, creeping in to places formerly reserved for editorial content. In this Native Advertising series we find out what it looks like, if readers can tell the difference, and more importantly, whether they care.