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Through training, teaching and research the Marketing Discipline Group promotes excellence in marketing. We help organisations build market efficiency, improve sales and enhance marketing management decision making.
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Advertising can be a powerful tool for political parties, though it’s just one of several factors that can influence a voter’s behaviour at election time.
The question of how to sway people’s vote has long vexed campaign managers. As the Australian electorate waits to hear who has won a very tight poll, and ahead of a key election in the United States, new research looks at just what it takes to change someone’s political view.
At a time when obesity is described as being of epidemic proportions, with serious consequences for individual wellbeing and government health budgets, what role can food marketing play – for good, not just for ill?
Each year millions of dollars are spent on the event that is the Academy Awards, both in advertising and sponsorship. Dr David Waller considers, behind all the glitz and glamour, what the Oscars are really about...

Marketing Discipline Group

Marketing PhD student Alex Belli was a finalist for the ANZMAC MidYear Doctoral Colloquium Best Paper Award, with his paper titled "Beating the Clock: How imposed Time Constraints Trigger Overconsumption".

Alex Belli with award

Teaching Prizes were awarded to a number of Marketing Discipline Group academic staff members at the 2016 UTS Business School Awards ceremony: Peter Rodgers (shown below receiving his award from the Dean of Business, Professor Roy Green), Dr Nigel Bairstow, Alex Belli, and Atieh Fallahi.

[Peter Rodgers receives his teaching award from the Dean]

At the 2016 Awards ceremony current Honours student Belinda Barton, in addition to receiving a scholarship to support her study, was awarded the Kerry Daniel Memorial Prize for the the best woman graduating in the Bachelor of Business with a Marketing or Marketing Communications major. 

Jihoon Cho from the University of Michigan will join the Marketing Discipline Group in early August 2016

Dr Geetanjali Saluja from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology will join the Marketing Discipline Group in late August 2016

Dr Dixon Ho from Nanyang Business School will join the Marketing Discipline Group in January 2017.

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Forthcoming publications

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