Management and leadership excellence is fundamental to improving the performance of all organisations and the quality of people's working lives around the world.

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Researchers have come up with a new method with which to measure the true value of business events to host cities – one that doesn’t “inflate” results by using generous definitions of event spending.
The narrative around business today is often a negative one, with success in business being portrayed as being about selfishness, exploitation and greed, says Raj Sisodia, co-founder of Conscious Capitalism Inc. But the view from where he stands is different. Great businesses emerge from having a higher purpose, he argues.
Students who take the postgraduate Management Consulting subject are taken right out of their comfort zone, with a profound impact not only for the community groups they help as part of their practical learning but also for themselves.
In a rare honour for an Australian-based academic, the contribution of Professor Stewart Clegg to the science and practice of management has been recognised with his election to the Academy of Management – placing him among a list of prominent names from the world’s leading business schools.