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Management and leadership excellence is fundamental to improving the performance of all organisations and the quality of people's working lives around the world.

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In an era when a company’s owners are not the only stakeholders, managers must consider the wider impact of their businesses. This tension between narrow and broad corporate responsibilities is one of the main focuses of a major management conference to be held in Sydney later this year.
A report looking at the emergence of “social enterprises” in Australia has found a strong trend towards greater commercialisation among organisations that would traditionally have operated as not-for-profits.
Matches like the Bledisloe Cup opener between the Wallabies and the All Blacks this weekend provide not only 80 minutes of emotion but also, for people like data analyst Professor Bill Gerrard, 80 minutes of evidence.
It's evident from the headlines that the transition from elite competition to life after sport can be a difficult one. Olympic rower Julie Bell, NRL Head of Football Todd Greenberg. AIS Deputy Director Andrew Logan and sports journalist and researcher Tracey Holmes tackle the issues ...