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Podcast: trusting an algorithm with investment decisions

14 September 2016

Stock exchange
Automated financial advice has been around for quite some time. Usually a bank or a broker will type your details into computer software and rely on algorithms to advise you, especially if you’re a small time investor.

However these days, more and more investors are digital natives, savvy when using online platforms and more trusting of computer generated financial advice. So startups in Australia are now offering these consumers direct access to the algorithms, cutting out the middle man.

In the United States, a growing number of smaller firms are working on better platforms for automated financial advice and their market share is also growing. In such a crowded space both Australian and US startups will have to develop better algorithms and machine learning applications (for example, based on investors on-line behaviour, analysed in real time) to be unique. 

Senior Lecturer in Finance at UTS Business School Marco Navone explores algorithms and investing in the Business Briefing podcast with Jenni Henderson of The Conversation. 

The Conversation's Business Briefing podcast

Jenni Henderson, Melbourne Editor, Business and Economy, The Conversation.

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.