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EDG Working Papers

Welcome to the Economics Discipline Group's working paper series. This working paper series contains research papers in economics published by past and present members of the discipline group as well as selected visiting scholars. Copies of the abstracts for each working paper have been made available where possible. Papers can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. 



Title:  Sticky Belief Adjustment: A Double Hurdle Model and Experimental Evidence

Paper number: 40

Authors: Timo Henckel, Gordon D Menzies, Peter Moffatt and Daniel J. Zizzo

Date published: April 2017


Title: Good Lies

Paper number: 39

Authors: Filippo Pavesi and Massimo Scotti

Date published: 2017


Title: The "Flock" Phenomenon of the Sydney Lockout Laws: Dual Effects on Rental Prices
Paper number: 38
Georgia Perks and Shiko Maruyama
Date published: 2016
Title: Networks formation to assist decision making
Paper number: 37
David Goldbaum
Date published: 2016
Title: Emergent Coordination among Competitors
Paper number: 36
AJ Bostian and David Goldbaum
Date published: 2016
Title: Conformity and Influence
Paper number: 35
David Goldbaum
Date published: March 2016
Title: Divergent behavior in markets with idiosyncratic private information
Paper number: 34
David Goldbaum
Date published: February 2016
Title: In Praise of (Some) Red Tape: A New Approach to Regulation
Paper number: 33
Gordon Menzies, Peter Dixon and Maureen Rimmer
Date published: January 2016
Title: Dissolving a Partnership Dynamically
Paper number: 32
Matt van Essen and John Wooders
Date published: January 2016


Title: Microfoundations for Switching Behavior in Heterogeneous Agent Models: An Experiment
Paper number: 31
Mikhail Anufriev, Te Bao and Jan Tuinstra
Date published: September 2015
Paper number: 30
Authors: Mikhail Anufriev, Te Bao, Angela Sutan and Jan Tuisntraand Jan Tuinstra
Date published: September 2015
Paper number: 29
Authors: Mikhail AnufrievCars Hommes and Tomasz Makarewicz
Date published: September 2015
Paper number: 28

Authors: Corrado Di Guilmi and Laura Carvalho
Date Published: July 2015

Paper number: 27
Authors: James C.D. Fisher and John Wooders
Date Published: January 2015

Paper number: 26
Authors: David P. Byrne, Susumu Imai,Vasilis Sarafidis and Masayuki Hirukawa
Date Published: January 2015


Paper number: 25
Authors: Gordon D. Menzies
Date Published: December 2014

Paper number: 24
Authors: Marc K Chan and Simon Kwok
Date Published: August 2014

Paper number: 23
Authors: Marc K Chan
Date Published: August 2014

Paper number: 22
Authors: Marc K Chan
Date Published: May 2014

Paper number: 21
Authors: Anastasia Klimova and Adrian D. Lee


Date Published: April 2014


Title: Consistent Estimation of Panel Data Models with a Multifactor Error Structure when the Cross Section Dimension is Large
Paper number: 20
Authors: Bin Peng and Giovanni Forchini
Date Published: March 2014

Paper number: 19
Authors: Marc K Chan
Date Published: March 2014

Title: From Engineer to Taxi Driver? Language Proficiency and the Occupational Skills of Immigrants
Paper number: 18
Authors: Susumu Imai, Derek Stacey and Casey Warman
Date Published: February 2014

Title: A Brief History of Equality
Paper number: 17
Authors: Geoffrey Brennan, Gordon D. Menzies and Michael Munger
Date published: January 2014


Title: Tax Incentives and the Demand for Private Health Insurance
Paper number: 16
Authors: Olena Stavrunova and Oleg Yerokhin
Date published: November 2013

Paper number: 15
Authors: David Goldbaum
Date published: November 2013
Title: Learning and Adaptation as a Source of Market Failure
Paper number: 14
Authors: David Goldbaum
Date published: August 2013
Title: The Great Recession and the Two Dimensions of European Central Bank Credibility
Paper number: 13
Authors: Timo Henckel, Gordon D. Menzies and Daniel J. Zizzo
Date published: August 2013
Title: A Quantile-based Test of Protection for Sale Model
Paper number: 12
Authors: Susumu Imai, Hajime Katayama and Kala Krishna
Date published: June 2013
Title: How Portfolios Evolve After Retirement: Evidence From Australia
Paper number: 11
Authors: Alexandra Spicer, Olena Stavrunova and Susan Thorp
Date published: June 2013
Title: Monetary Policy and Debt Deflation: Some Computational Experiments
Paper number: 10
Authors: Carl Chiarella and Corrado Di Guilmi
Date published: June 2013
Title: Adaptive Sequential Posterior Simulators for Massively Parallel Computing Environments
Paper number: 9
Garland Durham and John Gewke
Date published: April 2013
Title: Learning Cycles in Bertrand Competition with Differentiated Commodities and Competing Learning Rules
Paper number: 8
Mikhail Anufriev, Dávid Kopányiz and Jan Tuinstra
Date published: April 2013
Title: Is Monotonicity in an IV and RD Design Testable? No, But You Can Still Check on It
Paper number: 7
Ben Edwards, Mario Fiorini, Katrien Stevens and Matthew Taylor
Date published: April 2013
Title: Blind Stealing: Experience and Expertise in a Mixed-Strategy Poker Experiment
Paper number: 6
Matt Van Essen and John Wooders
Date published: March 2013
Title: Dynamic Markets for Lemons: Performance, Liquidity, and Policy Intervention
Paper number: 5
Diego Moreno and John Wooders
Date published: March 2013
Title: How the Allocation of Children’s Time Affects Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Development
Paper number: 4
Mario Fiorini and Michael P. Keane
Date published: February 2013
Title: The Impact of Short-Selling Constraints on Financial Market Stability in a Heterogeneous Agents Model
Paper number: 3
Mikhail Anufriev and Jan Tuinstra
Date published: February 2013


Title: Non-traded Factor Appreciation in China
Paper number: 2
Authors: Gordon D. Menzies and Xiaolin Xiao
Date published: September 2012

Title: Explaining Health Care Expenditure Variation: Large-sample Evidence Using Linked Survey and Health Administrative Data
Paper number: 1
Authors: Randall P. Ellis, Denzil G. Fiebig, Meliyanni Johar, Glenn Jones and Elizabeth Savage
Date published: May 2012