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Accounting at UTS is focused on meeting the needs of modern businesses, both through the need for highly trained graduates ready for the professional environment and undertaking research that aims to improve the efficiency of Australian businesses and financial markets.

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The Accounting Discipline Group has longstanding relations with business and the professional bodies, and has developed strengths in the critical areas of accounting practice.

Our teaching and research addresses the needs of the professions, business and government through professionally oriented courses and innovative research addressing real business problems.

Do new tax transparency regulations finally lift the lid so that the public can peek inside? Assoc Prof Roman Lanis, Dr Brett Govendir and Ross McClure run the ruler over ATO data on the biggest companies.
The reporting of company earnings using unofficial measures such as underlying profit has increased significantly, says researcher Professor Stephen Taylor. The question is why?
The first study to compare the outcomes for shareholders from traditional takeovers and court-approved schemes of arrangement has found that investors can receive up to 40 per cent less for their shares when schemes are used.
It’s no secret that companies including Apple, Google, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb and Ikea seem to pay less than their fair share of tax in Australia. Despite booking huge revenues from sales to Australian customers they are able to reduce their profits in this country by shifting profits to tax havens such as Ireland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands, to name a few.