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Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Resources)

Patrick Woods, BSc (Guelph), MBA (McM), ACPA, FAICD

Patrick Woods, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Resources) is responsible for the business of the University including the financial strategy and Long Term Finance Plans, the creation and delivery of the associated $1.3 billion Campus Master Plan as well as the optimal financial and commercial performance of the University in support of the University's strategic objectives in Teaching and Learning, Research, Student Focus and Community Engagement. Patrick also has the responsibility for improving strategic and operational resilience against all forms of risk.

As Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Resources), Patrick also has the responsibility of activating particular partnerships with the community, industry, government and other enterprises. He plays a critical role in connecting the University with the Australian and international corporate and government sectors and this work has a significant contribution to the diversification of UTS income.

The major areas within his portfolio include:

  • Business and commercial management
  • Strategic financial planning
  • Investment and capital management
  • The Campus Master Plan
  • Crisis management and security
  • Capital works, building and grounds services
  • Strategic procurement
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Risk management and frameworks.

Reporting to Patrick are the Chief Financial Officer, the Director - Commercial, the Director - Program Management Office and the Director - Facilities Management Office.

Prior to joining UTS in 2006, Patrick spent 28 years in the private and corporate sectors. He has held numerous CEO, MD, director and executive positions in various local and international companies across North America, Asia and the Middle East. Patrick has a BSc from the University of Guelph and an MBA from McMaster University in Canada; and he is a former naval officer.


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