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Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Corporate Services)

Anne Dwyer, BBus (CSturt)

Anne Dwyer, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Corporate Services), is responsible for the continuous improvement of UTS's operational capability by providing a range of corporate services to enable UTS to achieve its strategic priorities. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Corporate Services) provides strategic and executive management of UTS's profile and brand, organisational culture, risk management framework, organisational and technological capability, University governance, student administrative services and exposure to legal risks.

Key responsibilities include:

  • maximising our people and organisational performance to achieve the University's strategic objectives
  • driving organisational change
  • projecting and protecting the University's desired image, including telling the UTS story, engaging external audiences and empowering internal audiences
  • providing a comprehensive range of technology facilities, services and resources designed to meet the ever changing computing and communication requirements of the University
  • overseeing risk management, including the management of legal risks, and the provision of internal audit services
  • overseeing student administration and graduation
  • ensuring effective University governance support, including Council and Academic Board secretariats, regulatory and legal compliance, University Rules and their administration and official University publications, corporate records and archives
  • providing timely and comprehensive legal services to the University across a broad range of legal and commercial issues
  • achieving synergies and efficiencies across UTS
  • ensuring infrastructure and service delivery mechanisms are appropriate and effective for supporting the University's strategic objectives.


  • Human Resources Unit
  • Information Technology Division
  • Marketing and Communication Unit
  • University Governance, including
    • Student Administration Unit
    • Governance Support Unit
    • UTS Legal Services
    • Internal Audit Unit


Roma Keswani
Executive Assistant
PO Box 123
Broadway NSW 2007

Tel: +61 2 9514 1993
Email: roma.keswani@uts.edu.au