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Safety and wellbeing

Safety and Wellbeing at UTS

UTS is committed to supporting a positive health and safety culture and ensuring, as far as practicable, a safe and healthy environment for its staff, students, volunteers, visitors and contractors in which to work and study.

Safety and Wellbeing is both an individual and shared responsibility, and the success of our safety management system depends on the commitment from all members of the university community.​


UTS Students

UTS Students can find information on safety around campus, as well as the variety of support services available to help them study in a physically and mentally safe manner on the UTS Current Students Health and Wellbeing page.


UTS Staff

UTS staff should refer to the Safety and Wellbeing pages on Staff Connect as their first port of call for relevant Health and Safety information (UTS Staff access only).



If you have a specific safety and wellbeing issues refer to the list of who to contact for help.

Refer to the list of first aid officers to find one close to you.

There is a list of Safety & Wellbeing branch contact details for:


Reporting a hazard or incident

If you notice a hazard or are involved in an accident at UTS, please report using HIRO (Hazard and Incident Reporting Online).

If the hazard or accident is serious, dial ‘6’ (from internal phones) or free call 1800 249 559 from mobile phones to contact Security.