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Security shuttle bus

The City campus security shuttle bus is a courtesy service available to all UTS students and staff. The bus travels between the City campus and nearby student housing.


Includes stops at UTS Housing Wattle Lane and at the Powerhouse.

Download security shuttle timetable (PDF)

Rules for passengers

These rules apply to all passengers using UTS transport.

All passengers must:

  • obey the instructions of the driver
  • wear seat belts
  • not smoke, eat or drink
  • show their current UTS ID card to the driver
  • be travelling on UTS-related business
  • travel with hand held luggage only

Seats can not be reserved and there is no priority between staff, students and other passengers, except thatpassengers with disabilities or special needs should be accorded the usual courtesies. Passengers should queue and take seats according to waiting time at the bus stop.

If the number of passengers in the vehicle, or wishing to ride on it exceeds the licensed number, the driver determines who must leave the vehicle, based on waiting time at bus stop, and, where necessary, corporate need and priority for university objectives. Passengers and would-be passengers are expected to exercise patience and common sense where it is not possible to meet the needs of all persons in a particular situation.

Can children ride in the vehicle?

Minors under 16 years of age using UTS Transport (children) are permitted to use UTS Transport where this is necessary for, or incidental to, the use of such transport by an accompanying parent, guardian or other responsible person who is using such transport for UTS-related purposes.

Transport Regulations prohibit children under 12 months old from travelling on UTS Transport.


UTS Transport means the courtesy UTS shuttle bus or a UTS Central Services pool vehicle. The transport provided solely to students, staff and other members of the UTS community by UTS Transport is provided for the purpose of assisting those persons using it to achieve their UTS-related objectives or fulfil their responsibilities to the university.