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About UTS: Pharmacy

UTS: Pharmacy was established in 2011 to address emerging needs of the pharmacy profession. As the first course area within the UTS: Graduate School of Health, it provides innovative, practice-based pharmacy education and high impact research that improves the quality use of medicine. 

In 2014 UTS: Pharmacy had 16 academic staff, 5 postdoctoral fellows, 121 Master of Pharmacy students, 2 exchange students, 20 research students and 2 visiting research students.


UTS: Pharmacy is committed to producing career-ready graduates. Integrated problem-based learning, simulated environments and interdisciplinary workshops are used to help students apply the theory they learn and build their considerable skill set. A wide range of interdisciplinary electives give students the choice to specialise or diversify their skills to best suit their career needs. Read more about our unique Learning2014 approach.

Research students are treated as early-career researchers; encouraged to publish and present their work and engage with a range of peers and mentors as they undertake their project. 


As a new course area, UTS: Pharmacy is in a unique position to ensure best practice and innovation at each stage of development. As a result, the School is proud to offer a fresh, student-focused approach for highly motivated, career-minded students. Working with an educational designer, UTS: Pharmacy academics have created a curriculum that utilises cutting-edge tools to integrate pharmaceutical science with clinical practice, technology and interdisciplinary skills.

Experts in health

As well as being experienced pharmacy practitioners, many of our academics are internationally renowned researchers who shape current and future pharmacy practice.

High impact research

The school undertakes pharmacy research with the same emphasis on practice development and collaboration. All UTS research in pharmacy aims to have a real impact on improving the quality use of medicine for both individuals and communities.

Partner of the profession

UTS: Pharmacy works closely with its key professional partners to ensure the relevance of degrees and research to areas of current and future importance.

State-of-the-art facilities

In line with its practice-based ethos, the school is home to state-of-the-art facilities with purpose-built wet and dry laboratories and simulated environments to enhance students' learning experiences.