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Pharmacy Barometer

The Pharmacy Barometer, produced in partnership by UTS and Bankwest, is Australia’s only measure of the confidence of Community Pharmacy.

As the pharmacy environment continues to change rapidly, the Pharmacy Barometer provides the profession with independent qualitative and quantitative research on the perceptions, attitudes, knowledge, experiences and behaviours of community pharmacists as they relate to the future professional practice and business of Community Pharmacy.

The Pharmacy Barometer report is compiled and released annually, with a series of standard questions asked in each survey to examine the change in confidence and behaviours over time. These will be supplemented by several questions on the “issue of the day”, providing stakeholders with an insight into both short and long term concerns. 

Report 6: Growth in professional services despite neutral confidence

Read the October 2016 Community Pharmacy Barometer Report (PDF, 4MB) which focuses on the effects of the 6CPA 12 months on, the King Review and Pharmacist/GP collaboration. It features expert commentary from Professor Charlie Benrimoj, Adjunct Professor John Montgomery, PSA Director Warwick Plunkett, and Bankwest Business State Manager NSW/ACT Mario Saia.

Report 5: Community pharmacy confidence has substantially improved

Read the October 2015 Community Pharmacy Barometer (PDF, 3MB) which focuses on the stabilisation effect of the 6CPA.

Report 4: Signing of the 6CPA

Read the October 2014 Pharmacy Barometer Report (PDF, 2MB) which focuses on signing of the 6CPA.

Report 3: Minor Ailments and S3 Advertising

Read the November 2013 Pharmacy Barometer Report (PDF, 2MB) which focuses on Minor Ailments and S3.  

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Report 2: Professional Services

Read the current October 2012 UTS Pharmacy Barometer Report (PDF, 1.7MB) which focuses on opportunities for pharmacy in remunerated professional services.

Report 1: Price Disclosure

Read the April 2012 UTS Pharmacy Barometer Report (PDF, 1.6MB) which focuses on the introduction of price disclosure.