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Become an orthoptist: an eye therapist who assesses, diagnoses and treats eye disorders. Orthoptics is currently experiencing high workforce demand. The two-year Master of Orthoptics requires you to have a prior undergraduate degree in any discipline. This program is unique in NSW, is only one of two degrees offered Australia wide and is your path into a rewarding career as a health professional.
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Orthoptics anniversary

A year on from launching UTS:Orthoptics

This month marks one year since UTS:Orthoptics opened in 2015, one of only two programs offered in the Asia pacific region.
An Orthoptist consults with a mother and toddler in a clinic.

Orthoptics PhD Scholarships available

Two fulltime PhD Scholarships are available for prospective PhD candidates in the Vision Science laboratory within Orthoptics at the Graduate School of Health.
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