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The science of weight loss

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9 September 2014 Video length icon 1:19:46
Video tags icon medical, biomedical, physics, human health, weight loss, fat, mass, biochemistry, metabolism, cholesterol, obesity, overweight, prevention, proteins, lipids, triglyceride, water, carbon dioxide, exercise

When someone loses weight - where does it go?  This ground-breaking talk will change the way you think about weight loss and you’ll be absolutely riveted with the demonstrations that illustrate the weight loss process with the aid of liquid nitrogen and a balloon! The talk by Ruben Meerman will be followed by an expert panel discussion featuring UTS academics and researchers from other institutions.

About the speaker

Portrait of Ruben Meerman, the 'Surfing Scientist'Ruben Meerman
Ruben Meerman, also known as the ‘Surfing Scientist’ from ABC TV has been performing science shows in schools for many years.

His awesome performance covers all kinds of science and uses the amazing effects of liquid nitrogen in combination with more ordinary materials to demonstrate scientific phenomena we experience every day. The audience is always mesmerised by bubbling beakers, fizzing fluids and spooky fog.. while learning real science.


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