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A micropscope in a UTS: Science laboratory

Our research facilities

UTS Science has invested extensively in its research facilities with advanced specialised scientific instruments and equipment to benefit its students and researchers. They are:

AFTER Facility

BushlandThe Australian Facility for Taphonomic Experimental Research (AFTER) brings together academic, police and forensic agencies who conduct research and training to assist death investigations.


Proteomics Core Facility

Proteomics Core FacilityThe Proteomics Core Facility brings together leading technologies for sample preparation and protein extraction, protein separations, identification and characterisation.


Chemical Technologies Research Facility

Chemical Technologies FacilityThe Chemical Technologies Research Facility pulls together the resources of several well equipped laboratories specialising in chemistry and materials science. The laboratories provide research and training services to further the sustainable development of chemical technologies.

Chinese Medicine Clinic

Acupuncture in actionThe Chinese Medicine Clinic provides three outpatient clinics where members of the public can receive Chinese medicine treatment from qualified staff practitioners or student interns at a substantially reduced cost, as part of its degree program.

Elemental Bio-imaging Facility

Elemental Bio-Imaging CentreThe Elemental Bio-Imaging Facility combines research expertise in analytical chemistry, physics and clinical and biological sciences to establish state of the art bio-imaging solutions for solving complex analytical and biological research questions.

Environmental Research Facility

Environmental Research FacilityThe Environmental Research Facility supports a diverse range of research activities from aquatic and terrestrial environments, in both laboratory and field settings for the Climate Change Cluster and the Centre for Environmental Sustainability.

Insect Research Facility

Insect Research FacilityThe Insect Research Facility's research and development focus is the control of urban pests.

It has modern laboratory facilities which include insect breeding rooms and insecticide application and evaluation laboratories.

Microbial Imaging Facility

Microbial Imaging FacilityThe Microbial Imaging Facility provides high-resolution imaging of microorganisms and biological processes within larger eukaryotic cells, and equipment for flow cytometry and biological specimen preparation for optical and electron microscopy.

Microstructural Analysis Unit

Closeup of a scanning electron microscope in the Microstructural Analysis UnitThe Microstructural Analysis Unit provides researchers in both the physical and biological sciences with access to a comprehensive array of state-of-the-art analytical microscopy tools as well as materials analysis and fabrication equipment.

Surgical and Anatomical Science Facility

Surgical and Anatomical Science FacilityThe Surgical and Anatomical Science Facility is one of Australia’s foremost dedicated human anatomical laboratories. It has world-class specimen viewing and preparation areas, fitted with cutting edge equipment and technologies.