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Our research areas

Research teams are researchers with common interest in a particular area. Most of our researchers are recognised leaders and collaborate with industry and other institutes.

Climate Change Cluster

Multicoloured abstract patternThe Climate Change Cluster brings together an extensive body of research undertaken by UTS scientists over more than a decade to form a high impact internationally competitive research program in climate change.

Download C3 research brochure (PDF, 483kB)

ithree institute

ithree instituteThe ithree institute brings together an internationally competitive team focused on addressing key challenges in the understanding and control of infectious diseases in humans and animals.


Centre for Forensic Science

Centre for Forensic Science promo boxThe Centre for Forensic Science gathers academics and associate industry partners who share the vision that crime reduction, crime solving and national security in general are important for society.

Download CFS research brochure(PDF, 768kB)


Centre for Health Technologies

A thought-controlled Aviator wheelchairThe Centre for Health Technologies brings together an interdisciplinary research skill-base that is unique in Australia in the development of medical devices and systems.


Clean Energy Technology

Adv. energy materThe Clean Energy Technology Centrefocuses on the development of efficient devices for energy harvesting, storage, and conversion.


Materials and Technology for Energy Efficiency

Materials and technology for energy efficiency research strengthThe Materials and Technology for Energy Efficiency research strengthconducts multidisciplinary research in materials physics at the nanoscale. Through careful engineering and design the centre aims to develop future generation energy efficient devices and materials for sensing, lighting and bio-imaging applications.


Institute for Nanoscale Technology

Nanoscale technologyThe Institute for Nanoscale Technology focuses on 'nanotechnology', including nanomaterials, nanodevices, nanomedicine, nano-scale electromagnetic phenomena, nanochemistry and the interaction of light with condensed matter at the nanoscale.


Centre for Statistical Informatics

For more information contact Louise Ryan.


Health Psychology Unit

The Health Psychology Unit is an effectiveness research and treatment centre that specialises in early intervention for adolescents with mental health problems.


Advanced Molecules and Materials

For more information contact Mike Cortie.


Ecosystem Security

Ecosystem securityThe Ecosystem Security Team does high quality, interdisciplinary research in theoretical and applied ecology and provides multi-scale information for conservation of natural resources.


Chronic Disease Solutions

Green diseased tissueThe Chronic Disease Solutions Team undertakes innovative and novel research to provide real solutions for the detection, prevention, cure and management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, cancer and cognitive and neurodegenerative diseases.


Mathematics and Statistics

For more information contact Chris Poulton or Tapan Rai.


Molecular Biosciences

Unraveling the UTS:Science building to reveal the many concepts it reflects, inspired by its undulating formThe Molecular Biosciences Team aim to identify new technologies, therapies and preventative medicines by understanding the basic science which underpins these discoveries.


Parasites, Microbes and Host Immunity

Parasites, Microbes and Host ImmunityThe Parasites, Microbes and Host Immunity (PMHI) Team aims to understand the mechanisms of diseases and to identify/develop biomarkers, vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics.

Science and Mathematics Education Research and Innovation (SciMerit)

Children dressed as scientistsScimerit conducts research in teaching and learning, and develop contexts for learning that enable people to be agile, independent and committed learners.


Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture in actionThe Chinese Medicine Research Team undertakes a wide scope of research activities relating to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including experimental work into diabetes and metabolic syndrome, the physiological effects of LASER and acupuncture, TCM health informatics and TCM theory.


Centre for Compassionate Conservation

Two kangaroos eating leavesThe Centre for Compassionate Conservation improves the welfare of wild animals using a compassionate conservation approach.

Download Centre for Compassionate Conservation research brochure (PDF, 765kB).


Advanced Tissue Regeneration & Drug Delivery Group

Close up of tissue under the microscopeThe Advanced Tissue Regeneration and Drug Delivery Group works at the interface of biotechnology, biology, biomedical engineering and materials science.


Centres of Excellence

Centres of Excellence where UTS Science academics contributes substantially.