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UTS invested significantly in its science and mathematics facilities, making it one of the best facilities in Australia. Our students and researchers access these facilities as part of their studies or to conduct research. We also engage with collaborative research with industry, government and other research institutions.

Teaching and learning facilities

Science super lab banner
Our teaching laboratories are fitted with modern scientific and analytical instruments to facilitate learning. We also have off-campus learning sites to facilitate fieldwork. Computer laboratories are modern with 24/7 access and powered up with the latest mathematical and statistical software to assist with student work and learning.

The UTS Super Lab, is one of a kind in Australia, where over 200 students can run different experiments from different disciplines at the same time. What this means is, you could potentially get a sneak-peak into experiments you could be running in the future, and it might even help you to choose subjects.

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Research facilities

UTS Science Microbial Imaging Facility
Research is vital to Science because it inform action and give direction. Research brings together observations, knowledge and data to solve problems, invent solutions and develop new products. Applied science allows individuals, industries and countries to test information by transforming theories into practical learning.

At UTS Science, we are focused on conducting research that is relevant, innovative and practical. Our researchers are at the forefront of a huge range of research projects including treating diabetes and dementia, improving medical imaging and diagnostics, finding solutions to antibiotic resistance and creating functional renewable energy technologies.

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