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Surgical and Anatomical Science Facility

Body Donation Program

Why donate your body to science?

The generous act of donating your body to science is critical for the education and training of our current and future doctors, scientists and health professionals.

By making this donation you are providing an invaluable practical opportunity to our students and trainees, as well as contributing to the advancements in medicine and science.

What are donated bodies used for?

Most of the donated bodies at the University are used for teaching anatomical structures to our doctors, scientists and health professionals.

Some of the donated bodies will also be used for surgical training of current doctors, as well as medical and scientific research to improve healthcare and alleviate suffering.

In addition some bodies may be used for taphonomic and forensic research to assist law enforcement agencies and emergency services in criminal and disaster investigations. 

How do I donate?

Anyone over the age of 18 may donate their body to science. Donating your body to Science is not only a personal decision; it is one that will affect your whole family. The University strongly recommends that you involve and discuss your intentions with your family.

For more information please complete this enquiry form or call (02) 9514 9703. You will then be sent a UTS Donor Information Kit, containing further information on the donation program, and all the necessary forms.

Contact us

Phone: (02) 9514 9703
Email: Body.Donation@uts.edu.au