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School of Physics and Advanced Materials
The School of Physics and Advanced Materials is part of the new School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences.
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Materials and Technology for Energy Efficiency


Materials and Technology for Energy Efficiency (MTEE) focuses on expertise and capabilities to tackle significant and exciting challenges in materials research for energy efficiency applications.
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Institute for Nanoscale Technology

Institute for Nanoscale Technology

The Institute is a capability-building network of nanotech researchers across the university. The network's participants are particularly interested in the interaction of light with matter at the nanoscale, and on designing and making useful new molecules and nanostructures.
UTS Science has teamed up with consumer advocacy organisation CHOICE in a program that is giving students the chance to put physics theory into practice.
Professor Jeffrey Reimers has won the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) Physical Chemistry Division Medal for his work in understanding how molecules conduct electrical charge and how processes like natural photosynthesis work.
Dr Olga Shimoni joins UTS in 2014 as a Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellow developing novel multifunctional nanoparticles for application in biomedicine.
UTS Applied Physics Professor Matthew Phillips has been bestowed with one of the greatest honours in Thai science – a place on the board of Thailand’s national nanotechnology research program.