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Science internship subjects

All science and maths students are strongly encouraged to explore professional experience opportunities, and when possible take on an internship, while studying at UTS. 
A Science internship can be presented in many forms; research project on campus or at an external organisation, lab-based work in a local hospital, office work at a medical firm, work experience in a National Park, full-time internship in a bank. The applications of science are endless so think outside the box.
UTS Science and UTS Careers Service run regular pre-internship workshops, with the aim of providing students with the professional skills required to find and complete an internship.  Details can be found on UTS CareerHub or the UTS Science Events list
Students, who have been offered an internship and wish to receive academic credit for their work, can use their free electives to enrol into an existing UTS Science Internship subject

How to enrol in a Science Internship Subject:

In order to enrol in a UTS Science Internship subject, you must have a free elective in your Study Plan and complete and submit the required forms through UTS CareerHub workflow, prior to start of your internship (and enrolments cut-off dates).

To access the above workflows, please:

  1. Log into UTS CareerHub, using your UTS student ID and password
  2. Click on ‘Dashboard’ tab, in the menu bar on top of the page
  3. Under ‘Dashboard’ list, on the left-hand-side of the page, select “Science Undergraduate Internship Subjects”
  4. Read and follow the instructions, outlined in every stage of the workflow 
For enquiries, please contact science.internships@uts.edu.au