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Young Scientist Award

3 March 2017

 Igor Aharonovich in the lab

Igor Aharonovich

The 2017 International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) Young Scientist Prize has been awarded to UTS Science’s very own Igor Aharonovich.

Associate Professor Aharonovich won the award for the Commission on Laser Physics and Photonics for his outstanding contributions to research on quantum emitters in wide band-gap semiconductors.

A clearly delighted Professor Aharonovich said that he was “surprised to win the award.” 

“It is always great to win an award, especially one with international standing,” he said. “It really validates that what we are doing has merit and potential to change tangible future outcomes.”

This kind of recognition also helps other students realise that exciting new discoveries are not that far away.

Professor Aharonovich believes that it is not just students who will benefit. “More training, and more experience with the materials will result” and this he believes will allow others to further expand the work.

On the back of being awarded the 2016 Pawsey Medal in Physics, 2017 is certainly shaping up as another exciting and productive year for Professor Aharonovich. The IUPAP announcement was quickly followed by a high profile paper demonstrating the quantum potential of a commercially available material and the next generation point-of-care diagnostic and detection devices are in his sights as a Chief Investigator in the UTS led ARC IDEAL Research Hub (opens an external link).