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UTS PhD candidate to represent NSW at national meeting

13 April 2017

Prof Liz Harry, Dr Leigh Monahan, Ms Riti Mann and Dr Amy Bottomley

BDAwards night: Prof Liz Harry, Dr Leigh Monahan, Ms Riti Mann and Dr Amy Bottomley at the ASM’s NSW Branch meeting in March, 2017.

PhD candidate, Riti Mann, will present her research at the Australian Society for Microbiology’s (ASM) Annual Scientific Meeting in Hobart later this year, following her successful presentation at the NSW branch competition last month. 

Ms Mann was awarded the Becton Dickinson ASM Student Travel prize for her 12 minute presentation on her research project: ‘We are what we eat: Identifying a regulatory crosstalk between central carbon metabolism and cell division in bacteria’. 

Her research—supervised by Professor Liz Harry, Dr Amy Bottomley, and Dr Leigh Monahan—aims to understand how bacteria gage food availability and communicate this to the internal process of cell division, a process that is essential for bacterial growth. Understanding how cell division works in bacteria is important because it’s an essential process for bacteria surviving. 

“I think what made Riti’s presentation stand out is that she also presented a story of what the research is, the implications and its significance,” Co-supervisor Dr. Bottomley said. “Instead of just relaying the results of the experiments that Riti is doing in labs at the moment, she also said how that information could be applied to the real world.”

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