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New partner to help drive innovative battery technology

3 March 2017

Four men

From left to right - Dr. Shuwei Wan (CEO, HEC, Australia),  Dr. Stuart Thomson (CEO, Rail Manufacturing CRC), Professor Guoxiu Wang (UTS) and Feng-Rong He (HEC) in the HEC Laboratory. Credit: supplied by Rail Manufacturing CRC.

The Rail Manufacturing CRC has announced the HEC Group will join the Centre as a new participant on an innovative lithium battery project.

Working in partnership with the University of Technology Sydney and the HEC Group, the project overseen by the Rail Manufacturing CRC will focus on the development of new materials for lithium ion batteries to be used for rail vehicle propulsion, regenerative braking, signaling systems and auxiliary applications.

The Rail Manufacturing CRC is responsible for connecting industry organisations with Australian research institutions to deliver leading rail R&D projects, with the Centre’s CEO Dr. Stuart Thomson recognising a strong connection between the HEC Group’s capabilities and the Rail Manufacturing CRC’s purpose.

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