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Considering the individual animal in compassionate conservation research

10 May 2017

Welcome to my second blog on compassionate conservation!

Compassionate Conservation believes individual animals matter in their own right. Compassionate Conservation (CC) also recognises that the health of populations and of species themselves are dependent upon the health of individuals. So, for reasons, moral and material CC holds the belief that the well-being of individual, free-living wild animals should be respected in conservation decisions.

In a world far from peaceful cohabitation, where few wild animals are empowered to live a life free from human disturbance and conflict – how do we as practitioners, accurately assess and then assure the well-being of wild animals? How do we do this when we deem conservation intervention necessary, and in the face of the interventions themselves? Moreover, how do we do this when we are at the mercy of our knowledge, our imagination, and our charity.

See the full blog post on the CfCC website.

This blog post was originally published in the Global Animal Network.