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Advanced battery technologies power a sustainable future

10 August 2017

The CCET research team is powering ahead with the development of a fast and efficient Lithium-oxygen (Li-O) battery system with the recent publication of research results in the journal of Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 

Miss. Lin Liu, Dr. Bing Sun, Dr. Dawei, Dr. Sinho Choi, Mr. Jinqiang Zhang, Prof Guoxiu Wang. Image by Vanessa Valenzuela-Davie.

As the demand for energy storage technologies escalates, new battery systems are being developed and Lithium-oxygen batteries have great potential - the direct reaction of oxygen from the atmosphere and lithium ion in the electrolyte of the battery can release amounts of energy   10-fold higher than current commercial lithium-ion batteries. However drawbacks remain, for example the relatively low conductivity of the main discharge product lithium peroxide (Li2O2) often results in a very high charge potential which induces numerous side-reactions, leading to low efficiency and shortened battery life. 

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