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Night Parrot illustration by John Gould

Not Extinct: the Night Parrot's Tale

A free public lecture hosted by School of the Environment and Birdlife Australia, Southern NSW.
Featured Research
Rebecca Wood sampling at Northern Queensland field site

Rapid test for herbicide toxicity

Rebecca Wood's PhD research will lead to better management of herbicides in aquatic ecosystems
The head of new survey of kangaroos at Bathurst's Mount Panaroma says the research will play an important role as second race track is considered.
CEnS PhD candidate Rebecca Wood has developed a novel method for assessing the impact of herbicides on the rivers flowing into the Great Barrier Reef.
A Key Technology Partnership between UTS and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is promoting collaboration within the sciences at both universities as well as interactions between the natural and social sciences.
Dr Brad Murray has taken the world of biodiversity conservation and turned it, he says, into “one long story” - an ongoing process by which his students can learn to take fundamental ecological knowledge and use it to tackle the world’s environmental dilemmas.