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Ultimo Science Festival

Ultimo Science Festival

The 9th Ultimo Science Festival is on in September! It's 10 days of serious science fun for adults, families, school groups, for young and old and in-between, for geeks, non-geeks, for everyone with curiosity.
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UTS: Science balloons

Open Day, Sat 30 August

Learn what studying science and maths at UTS is like with lab tours, activities and live demonstrations as well as info sessions throughout the day.
Natalie Mazurek who is studying a Bachelor of Science was given experience in helping PhD students with their research, and also worked independently on a project for Living Data in the lab.
UTS Professor William Gladstone took to the skies to survey great white sharks and found a veritable smorgasbord of sea life just beyond the breakers.
UTS forensic biology expert Peter Gunn says emerging technologies in forensic science promise greater accuracy in identifying suspects – right down to ethnicity, eye and hair colour and health profile.
With the likes of Finlay O’Brien rising through the ranks, the future of Australian science is bright. The 16-year old science star is the youngest student at UTS, having started a Bachelor of Biomedical Science this year.