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Big data and the paradox of probability

Gain insights into how big data is impacting our lives with mathematicians Professor Anthony Dooley and Dr Stephen Woodcock at UTS Science in Focus on Wednesday 16 November.
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2017 Science Honours projects

Explore your research potential. Work on a research project under the supervision of an academic in the Faculty.
Second-year Forensic Biology in Biomedical Science student, Felicity Hall, has recently returned from Romania on month-long archaeology dig. She spent July studying in a field school located in the town of Odorheiu Secuiesc in the historically Hungarian region of Transylvania.
UTS scientists are using the body shapes of fishes to predict which species from the tropical reefs of the Great Barrier Reef might be able to successfully establish resident populations in the warming temperate waters around Sydney.
This year, the 2016 Tony Roach Prize was awarded to fellow UTS alumnus James Hitchcock for his paper entitled ‘After the flood: changing dissolved organic carbon bioavailability and bacterial growth following inflows to estuaries.’
Wild dog attacks on livestock are devastating, but bounties and culling aren't the answer, write Euan Ritchie and Arian Wallach.
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Shari Forbes
Professor, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Professor Shari Forbes Shari’s research investigates the chemical processes that occur in soft tissue decomposition. Her research aims to increase the knowledge base relating to decomposition chemistry to identify an accurate biochemical signature for estimating time since death. 



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