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The truth about rising temperatures

What are the true impacts on rising temperatures to our human health and our environment? Tuesday, 12 May 2015
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Your thesis in three minutes

3 minute thesis competition

UTS:Science students present their thesis topics within 3 minutes in a compelling oration, using only a single PowerPoint slide, whilst using appropriate language to address a non-specialist audience.
As a result of an international collaboration, involving UTS Environment Professor Derek Eamus, scientists can better predict future behaviour of vegetation, including crops, in a changing climate.
Researchers are working on a composite system that will alert drivers before they become fatigued.
A mobile laboratory aboard a new research vessel will allow scientists to examine ocean creatures in their habitats, rather than later, on dry land.
On May 1st, NSW school principals have to submit their School Plans for how they want their schools to look for the next 3 years, and a buzzword in this process is "innovation" the moving away from traditional classrooms to more interactive ones. But is that where schools should be headed to get results?