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Quoll and koala

Are we losing the koala and quoll?

In this UTS Science in Focus lecture, UTS scientists explain how they are working to help protect and save some of Australia’s most iconic and loved animals from the threat of extinction. This free lecture is held on Tuesday 7 June 2016.
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UTS Super Lab when the lights got out

The secret life of the UTS Super Lab

Ever wondered what happens in one of Australia’s biggest science labs when the lights go out? We sent some cameras down there one night to find out and couldn't believe what we discovered. It's no wonder we've called it the UTS Super Lab.
Professor Liz Harry – a world leader in the field of bacterial cell division – has been appointed as Director of ithree institute (infection, immunity and innovation) at UTS Science,
UTS Science student Andrew King is helping to break new ground in the field of nuclear medicine and diagnostics. He’s conducting his Honours research project on emergent technologies which are helping to more accurately diagnose disorders in the human body.
The unprecedented coral bleaching recorded on the Great Barrier Reef has now been found in Sydney Harbour. Marine biologists from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), in a joint research project with Macquarie University, say initial analysis of the monitoring data indicates up to 45 per cent of the corals at certain locations are bleached.
A discovery that the drug resistant superbug Pseudomonas aeruginosa can explode itself for the benefit of its "community" is giving scientists a new path to follow in controlling antibiotic resistant infections.
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Chemical Technologies FacilityWe have invested extensively in our research facilities with advanced specialised scientific instruments and equipment to benefit our students and researchers.

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Professor Steven Djordjevic

Professor, iThree Institute

Steven Djordjevic's research focus is bacterial pathogenesis and antibiotic resistance. His primary interests are in the interactions of molecules secreted onto the cell surface and how they interact with host cell receptors.

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