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Ultimo Science Festival

Ultimo Science Festival

The 9th Ultimo Science Festival is on in September! It's 10 days of serious science fun for adults, families, school groups, for young and old and in-between, for geeks, non-geeks, for everyone with curiosity.
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UTS: Science balloons

Open Day, Sat 30 August

Learn what studying science and maths at UTS is like with lab tours, activities and live demonstrations as well as info sessions throughout the day.
A UTS led research team have published the results of two studies that could have worldwide implications for seahorse conservation.
Kangaroos are front of mind for Dr Ramp who is trying to engineer a new approach to the relationship between man and macropod.
Dr Edd Hammill, a freshwater ecologist from the School of the Environment, joined 2SER to discuss the science behind climate change.
We know in our minds that climate change is putting our Earth's future in danger. There's something uniquely frightening about this artist's attempt to transform global warming data into visceral, human responses.