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Explore your research potential. Work on a research project under the supervision of an academic in the Faculty.
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Worms and honey

Worms and honey, the unlikely heroes

Can parasitic worms help to stop MS? Will Australian medicinal honey be the solution to antibiotic resistance? On 15 August 2017, two UTS scientists explain how their innovative research will significantly advance medical research and our public health.
Three UTS Science lecturers have been recognised for their outstanding work in 2016 at the UTS Teaching and Learning Awards and Citations ceremony held this week.
A partnership between The Green Collar Group and Centre for Compassionate Conservation aims to manage the risks involved in achieving sustainable outcomes for carbon farming projects.
Electric or hybrid cars are one way to put a plug in greenhouse gas emissions, but how do they work? To understand this, you need to understand the batteries that power them.
Wagyu or Kangaroo? That is one of the meaty questions histology students could be answering in a proposed histology workshop that was recently awarded a 2017 UTS Vice-Chancellor Teaching and Learning grant.
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Dr Megan Phillips
Lecturer, School of Life Sciences

Megan PhillipsMegan is a Lecturer and the Subject Coordinator for 91107 The Biosphere and 91159 Environmental Remediation. Her research focuses on plant species in contaminated surface landscapes. She has previously explored the reproduction and life-history traits of invasive species and phylogenetically-related, non-invasive species in Australia.



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