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Join our UTS Science scientists, mathematicians and technicians in various events across Sydney.
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UTS Super Lab when the lights got out

The secret life of the UTS Super Lab

Ever wondered what happens in one of Australia’s biggest science labs when the lights go out? We sent some cameras down there one night to find out and couldn't believe what we discovered. It's no wonder we've called it the UTS Super Lab.
Leading researchers in sustainable energy technologies in China and Australia are joining forces to accelerate the development of solutions that can be commercialised in both countries.
Researchers have discovered a handful of "bright spots" among the world's embattled coral reefs, offering the promise of a radical new approach to conservation.
By growing cells on mirrors and imaging them using super-resolution microscopy, an international team of scientists has addressed a longstanding challenge: seeing the structures of three dimensional cells with comparable resolution in each dimension.
A multi-disciplinary research team has collaborated with the City of Sydney to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study into the use of flat façade algae panels.
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Adv. energy materOur research areas draw together areas of expertise within and across UTS to promote and conduct interdisciplinary research of national and international importance.

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Chemical Technologies FacilityWe have invested extensively in our research facilities with advanced specialised scientific instruments and equipment to benefit our students and researchers.

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Dr Michael Braun

Senior Lecturer, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Dr Michael BraunMichael Braun is a medical physicist with particular interest in imaging. He has worked in the areas of image registration, segmentation, tomographic reconstruction, motion correction, tissue characterisation with ultrasound, x-ray detector quality, and aspects of magnetic resonance imaging.

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