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Justin Coulson and family

Teens and screens: How much is too much?

This presentation by Dr Justin Coulson, PhD is designed to help parents and their children understand why screens, games, and social media are so compelling and how their children can enjoy them in healthy, balanced ways.
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UTS Super Lab when the lights got out

The secret life of the UTS Super Lab

Ever wondered what happens in one of Australia’s biggest science labs when the lights go out? We sent some cameras down there one night to find out and couldn't believe what we discovered. It's no wonder we've called it the UTS Super Lab.
UTS microbiologist Dr Willa Huston has identified a chemical that paves the way for a new antibiotic specially for koalas.
A $1m NSW Government grant will support an innovative bio-manufacturing facility at UTS. Based on algae and known as the Deep Green Biotech Hub, it will connect industry, entrepreneurs and students to boost the state’s bio-economy.
Professor Dayong Jin envisions a future where portable diagnostic devices will be as ubiquitous as smartphones, where scientists can peer inside individual cells, and where diseases can be detected before they infect our bodies.
Synthetic cathinones are designed to mimic the highs of prohibited substances while staying under the drug control radar.
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Annette Dowd
Lecturer, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Annette DowdAnnette is a physicist. Her research interests are in the area of development optical and structural characterisation techniques for nanostructured materials.



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