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Students taking the UTS Science aptitude assessment

Science aptitude assessment

The aptitude assessment is an opportunity for future students to demonstrate their potential, and to possibly secure an offer to study at UTS Science in February 2015.
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Beaker light covers in the Building 7 Auditorium

UTS: Science facilities

UTS has invested significantly in its science facilities, making it one of the best in Australia with a multi-disciplinary Super Lab, Crime Scene Lab, Roof Garden and many more.
In 2014, UTS had the privilege to host the second international Biomedical-Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program.
UTS honours student Scott McCormack is studying the impacts of climate change on White's Seahorse
The creation of antibiotics last century was a big step in being able to manage diseases and infections but experts are now pointing to a looming disaster where bacteria will be immune to antibiotics.
A new research collaboration will help fight disease threats and safeguard New South Wales's $12 billion primary industries sector.